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– [Narrator] At Ancestry,
your privacy is a big deal. That’s why we work hard to
earn your trust everyday, by being open and
transparent about what we do, keeping our policies simple and clear, and by helping ensure you have
control of your DNA and data. For starters, we try to make
it easy for you to limit what you share online with
other AncestryDNA members. You can choose not to display
things like your real name or your family tree, and you can turn off DNA match visibility. When it comes to third
parties, we only share personal information when necessary to provide our services
like with our labs, when you specifically consent, or if a court orders us to disclose it. As for your DNA data and sample, they’re linked to your account
only by an activation code which adds an extra layer
of privacy to the process of testing and handling your DNA. Of course, you can always choose to delete your DNA data or destroy your sample. You can also close your account, which removes your data from our servers. If you participated in the
Ancestry Human Diversity Project, your data is retained for scientific validation and peer review. If you simply want to
download your DNA data, we give you a file you can
keep even if you later decide to stop using AncestryDNA
and delete your account. We want your AncestryDNA
experience to be secure, meaningful, and full of possibilities. Your DNA tells a story,
one as unique as you are, and we look forward to
helping you discover it. (bright music) (exuberant music)


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