Ancient Ancestry

Come in, come in my Lovlies, come in
out of the rain. Sit for a spell on the chair, warm
yourself by the fire. Welcome to Vicariah’s Creepy Corner! I aim to be a good hotess, welcoming in November. I have another creepy tale for you again this evening. This is about ancient ancestorso. You
never know what you’re gonna find and when you start digging into your
genealogy. It just may not be pleasant. Well are you warm and toasty? The story is ready to begin… I was born in the same sturdy brick house my great-great-grandmother had built I was told at an early age never to go into the Attic I was 10 years old before I
finally got enough guts to go check the attic out it was a rare day everyone was
gone my mother had let me stay home while the family went into town I
climbed the narrow stairs leading to the Attic sweat dripping down my forehead
the Attic was huge it was old furniture and trunks everywhere a group of
human-like shapes covered in white sheets were all clustered together in a
corner of the room of course my overactive imagination instantly jumped
to the conclusion that dead people were under those sheets I stumbled back in my
panic couldn’t wait to get out of that attic
and I did not attempt to go in again until I was 74 my parents had died in a
tragic automobile accident my sister was married and lived with her
husband in Sedona Arizona the house became my legacy one day I decided I
needed a hobby so I began to delve into my family’s genealogy I was able to do a
lot of online research it was slow going contacting family members who were
willing to provide me with any information I found it odd that there
was practically no information on my great-great-grandmother
the woman purported to have built this large home I found paperwork and my
dad’s safe in the library that showed the year my great-great grandmother had
paid to have this out built in cash it was one of the first brick houses
built in Portland Maine in 1830 she was a woman with money
her family was from England and none of them had come with her when she
immigrated to America there were rumors and letters that suggest she was shunned
due to odd and peculiar behavior and asked for her time in America there was
hardly a trace of her yet she had married and had a family that started in
1833 that was when Portland became incorporated as a city and then her
husband died only a few short years into their marriage adding to her honeypot I
was able to find out a lot of things about my grandfather Jeremy Kincaid he
had become a state senator and was well respected man in Maine he had six
children my father was the youngest of the group and while pondering my
great-great-grandmother one day the idea came to me that I should go up into the
Attic see what was up there I was no child now sheets covering objects didn’t
scare me as I walked up the stairs they seemed narrower than the last time I
knew this was because I was older and larger but somehow it made me feel
uncomfortable and the door creaks loudly as I opened it it was still light outside but shadows
were forming in the niches and corners of the Attic I went to a row of old
steamer trunks and opened one it was full of oddities like shrunken heads and
voodoo dolls I went to another one and it was full of books they appeared to be
in foreign languages like Greek and Arabic it was obvious they were very old
they had ornate gold gilded jackets and were bound in leather I stood up and
looked around the room spotted the figures under the sheets I hesitated for
a moment and then I reached out and pulled off the nearest sheet with
dramatic flair and then I froze the thing uncovered was something out of HP
Lovecraft’s nightmares it’s in this shape and body half man half monster
gleamed in the fading light I had never seen anything like it
stunned I pulled the sheet off another statue
it looked part ball part man as I uncovered the rest of the statues my
mind had a hard time accepting what I was seeing they were all grotesque and
unique when I got to the last sheet I uncovered a large oval mirror set in a
mahogany frame his glass was smoky at the edges but the center was still in
good shape as I was gazing at my reflection another
reflection appeared don’t just stand there there’s work to be done the woman
in the mirror said I fell backward I fell on the floor with the Oh get up I
need out of here I stood up my eyes wide in terror and stammered
who are you the woman looked at me thoughtfully I am Joseph een storm I
believe you are one of my descendants I turned and ran out of that attic I
didn’t even bother to close the door I was breathless and filled with horror
and confusion when I got to my library my mind was trying to accept what I had
seen and heard but but but it was illogical it couldn’t be real yet I saw
and heard something my curiosity about my great ancestor was piqued I had to
find out more about her I spent the rest of the day going through the book stack
neatly on the shelf surrounding the room I was looking for anything that had to
do with my mysterious relative yet my search was unsuccessful
not willing to give up I opened the center drawer I went through it
carefully nothing of interest I tried the upper right-hand drawer and the
lower one nothing the left-hand door was locked
curious now I examine the key hall there must be a key somewhere I went back to
the center drawer and I found a little tin box inside with a gold key it fit
the drawer perfectly sliding it open a stuffed small book the diarrhea of
Joshua’s storm my grandfather I sat at the desk and read the diary and my
grandfather’s words chilled me to the bone Josephine was a witch I hid that
fact from my son for years but an incident happened when Joshua was only
11 the newly-formed township of portland had a mayor and a city council a
concerned citizen appeared before the leaders one day and claimed she had put
a spell on him and his livestock the city leaders consisted of Puritans who
believed that the devil warlocks and witches wandered the land victimizing
unwary humans when one of josephine servants reported he had heard her
talking to the devil the city fathers decided that action needed to be taken
they came and they seized her her trial lasted less than an hour she
was declared guilty of conspiring with the devil to do harm to the local
townspeople and on a chilly morning the town fathers dragged her out of the jail
before most of the town was even awake they bound her tightly with hemp rope
attached it to heavy bags of rocks Joshua was in a small group that
witnessed his mother being taken out to the center of the river and tossed
overboard without so much as a word and then the four men rode back to shore and
left without saying anything to anyone Joshua was then raised by my uncle
Harold Josephine’s brother and it turned out Harold was a warlock too and the night
before the execution Harold had visited Josephine in the prison they had chanted
all throughout the night when young Joshua and uncle Harold
returned back to the house they went up to the attic
Harold explained that the mirror in the center of the room was magical and he
must not ever talk about it it had to be kept secret he exclaimed that his mother
soul was in the mirror waiting to be released into another body I made sure
to impress on Joshua the importance of keeping the secret and how it could cost
him his life if he revealed it Harold assured him that he would find the right
spell to release her the magic those two in conjured up that
night was ancient a last-ditch attempt to save her life and now it was up to
Harold to find the right spell to free her
the rare books in the steamer trunk were collected by Harold and his search to
help his sister but Harold was in poor health and one day fell to the ground
with a heart attack I put the diary down after finishing it
last entry was made on the day the hero died and it simply said I’m trying
Joshua didn’t want anything to do with black magic he covered the mirror along
with the strange statues I had trouble when to sleep that night and when I did
I had fitful nightmares that let me drenched in sweat there was an evil
lurking in the house it lived in the Attic I could feel it and when I will in
the morning I went right up to that Adam as I went up the stairs I could only
think about destroying that mirror and the thing that they decided just before
reaching the landing a great rush of wind came out of the open door and
pushed me down the stairs I suffered massive trauma to my head
then bled out on the floor where my crumpled body lay
my sister found me two days later she found out for a surprise visit after the
funeral she found the diary and she couldn’t in a box with the rest of the
contents of the deaths to take up to behind when she got there she found the
near and his statues uncovered as she prepared to cover the mirror with a
nearby she a voice caught her off guard don’t be alarmed I just need a little
help you


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