Andy Samberg Bonded with Sandra Oh and Tracked Down His Mom’s Birth Parents

-You and Sandra Oh hosted the Golden Globes
the other night, did a great job.
-Yeah. Thanks. [ Cheers and applause ]
Thanks. -That’s a tough —
That is a tough, tough room. I know from experience.
-Yeah. -I don’t know if you saw
what happened with me. -I recently re-watched it, yeah. -Did you really?
-Yeah. -Guys, I hosted
The Golden Globes, and, you know, the great — Everyone’s nice over there
and everything. I go out,
and we do this giant opening, like a “La La Land” thing.
-Wonderful, yeah. -Spent hours on this thing. Worked days and weeks
on this thing. Come out to tell my monologue,
and the teleprompter is broken. -Mm-hmm.
-Nothing, just a blank screen, And I go, “Oh, boy.”
[ Laughter ] “This is bad.” So I’m waiting for the applause
to kind of — Or, they announce,
“Jimmy Fallon,” and everyone’s clapping,
and then they kind of like — Tired of clapping,
’cause I’m not doing anything. So I’m just
kind of standing there, I’m like — [ Breathes deeply ] And then, they have a
replacement teleprompter that was — it was behind
the broken teleprompter. So I can see like
four letters of words. And then I saw,
like, computer typing. I go, “Oh, this is serious.”
[ Laughter ] “How am I gonna get this back?” It felt like
it was four days of silence. -And I re-watched it,
and it’s about 6 seconds. -Is it really?
-Yeah. It was fine. It was great.
-Oh, no, please. -It’s a tough room.
-Dude, ’cause — -Well, the thing
that I think maybe is starting to read even more
on TV now is the audience is not watching the show.
[ Laughter ] Like, it is — it’s like
there’s two things happening. There’s, like,
a big awards show happening, and then right next to it
is a really loud restaurant filled with celebrities.
[ Laughter ] -It is just people
drinking and eating and going — -They do not
care about the show. When we came out
for the monologue, you can look at the wide shot,
and it looks like a — like the battlefield
in “Game of Thrones” or something…
[ Laughter ] …where it’s like a melee. People are, like,
cooking meat over an open fire, and, like, throwing spears.
-Yeah. -I was just like, “Oh, God,
none of these nuanced jokes are gonna land.
-No, not at all. We worked hard on it.
No, not at all. And it’s live.
-Mm-hmm. -It’s not like
it’s a taped show, and you go,
“Hey, guys, can we focus?” No. They’re never
gonna pay attention. -One time, we came out
and no one was paying attention. I saw somebody on the phone.
-Oh, yeah. -And I kind of tried to be like
this to get people’s attention. The only person, front row,
was Rami Malek, was like, “Yeah, yeah!”
[ Cheers ] -See?
-I was like, “I love you!” -That’s a good dude,
right there. -He’s a good dude. Oh, my God.
His speech was great. -It was a great speech.
You know who had a great speech? Sandra Oh, your co-host.
-Incredible. -It was beautiful. -Sandra Oh
is the best person on Earth. -Really?
-Yeah. [ Cheers and applause ] She’s way better than you.
-What? -Way better.
I love you. -We’ve known each other
for so long. -I know.
I met her like three days ago. [ Laughter ] But it’s true.
-No. -We met briefly,
we presented at the Emmys, and then we spent
like the last week and a half working on the Globes. But we didn’t
know each other that much, and we just sort of
liked each other so much from that one experience,
we decided to go for it ’cause they asked.
-Is that right? -Yeah.
-So that’s where they came up — ‘Cause I was wondering
what was the background. Thought you were old buddies. -We just did it
like a fun presenter bit. -Yeah.
-But it — She’s so, like, warm and magnetic,
and I fell so into her energy that we were all backstage
when she won, and I was like —
They were like, “Sandra Oh,” and I was like, “Yeah!”
[ Laughter ] Like, started crying —
“She’s been working on this for the last four days
I’ve known her!” [ Laughter ] Yeah, I, like,
gave her boyfriend a big hug. We were like, “We did it!”
-Yeah. [ Laughter ] It’s just odd when you see
your good friends win an award. -Yeah.
-Because you go, “Awards, it’s cool to be nominated
and all that stuff,” but when you see
your buddies win — I think I was there
when you won. -When I won a Globey?
-Yeah. You won a Golden Globe.
-Yeah. -I think Seth gave it to you.
-Seth gave it to me, yeah. It was really sweet. -So I was like,
“I know him, and I know him.” And then I start crying,
and I’m like, “Where’s Sandra Oh?
I love you, too!” [ Laughter ] You just did a thing called —
a PBS show that I think —
Quest, did you do this show? “Finding Your Roots”?
-Yeah, yeah, I did. -You did it.
-Did you enjoy it? -Yes, I enjoyed it.
[ Laughter ] -Okay. Cool.
Definitely keep that exchange. [ Laughter ]
-Oh, my God. -You didn’t
have to yell that loud, either. -I know it’s rude to come in
and call shots and stuff, but let’s get a close on Quest,
and then — Sorry. [ Laughter ] -So, he did — he did
“Finding Your Roots” on PBS. -Yeah. Skip Gates.
-Did you find — -I found my roots.
-Yeah. [ Laughter ]
-Yes. -And they’re right next to you.
Yeah. They were right there
the whole time. What did you — Any secrets or
anything that you found out? -I found out where in Africa my great, great, great
grandfather came from. -Wow.
Did you have any idea or any clue that that was —
-I had zero clue. Until that moment,
didn’t know where I came from. -Why did you end up going on? -I went on
because my mother was adopted and has never known
who her birth parents were. -Wow.
-So when they asked, I generally don’t like
to do stuff like that because I like to, you know,
keep my name out the streets. [ Laughter ]
But… As one says. But I know that she had
always really wanted to know, so I called her and asked her,
like, hey, if they could figure it out,
would you want me to do this, and she said — You know, she had tried
many times over her life to figure it out
and never had success, so she said, “Okay, yeah,
go for it, because at least if it works,
I’ll know.” -Wow.
-But, yeah, it was great. And they figured everything out. With DNA, like, technology now,
they can figure out everything, and they figured out
who her parents were, and we’ve met new relatives. I mean,
it was absolutely mind-blowing. -Holy mackerel. I hate to ask again,
but did you cry? -I did.
-You did again? -Not on camera.
But my mom and dad were there, and when they told us
stuff about her family and now our family, she lost it. When she lost it, I lost it.
-Yeah. Quest, did you cry?
Because you were telling me that you were
so nervous about crying. -Yeah, I didn’t want to cry, but then, like,
he just kept getting me, and, finally, he got me.
-He broke you down? -He got me.
-It’s tough. Family is so undeniable. You can’t keep your sheen on.
[ Laughs ] -Your emotions just come out.
-Yeah. -What a great thing — What a great gift
to give to your mom. -Incredible.
In fact, now I’m sort of — It’s kind of my ace in the hole,
’cause I’ll be like, “Hey, I’m actually gonna
miss Thanksgiving this year. I got a lot of work,” and she’s like,
“Oh, that’s disappointing.” I’ll be like,
“Yeah, but, you know, I found your parents so…”
[ Laughter ] -“I think I can take a year…”
-“I’ll be there next year.” -“Yeah, no big deal.” -You know,
just something I pulled off by telling
a lot of wiener jokes. [ Laughter ] Popular enough with wiener jokes
to be on that show. -Working your whole career.


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