Annenberg PetSpace: From Shelter to Adoption

Wallis Annenberg PetSpace is Wallis
Annenberg’s passion project. She created a space for the community of
Los Angeles, where people can come and they can adopt animals they can learn
about pets they can learn about the human-animal bond and they can just
enjoy the space The animals here come from the LA County
and City care centers and they’re the same animals that you would find at your
local shelters. We have fantastic partnerships with these organizations
and together we are working so hard to find as many homes for these animals as
possible. We go to the various shelters, we take a walk around initially, to see
what animals are available and what animals we believe we can successfully
adopt out given their behavioral and medical concerns. We’re looking for dogs that are very
social to people even if they’re a little bit afraid. That’s really
what we want- we want dogs that really like people We bring them out, have a really nice
interaction with them, see how they interact with us, see what kind of
medical needs they might have, and then we take them and we get to go. When the animals arrive here they have
different degrees of needs. Sometimes they’ll need to be spayed or neutered.
Sometimes they’ll need some dental work that we can provide here. We help them to
feel better again, when we do a dental procedure on an animal they feel better,
obviously medically they’re better their mouth feels good. Now we can adopt that
animal out without you having to worry about that 2 to $3,000 procedure. Once animals land here at PetSpace, all
of them have different behavior needs so it’s up to us to identify different
things and to help the animals work through it.
We have doggy play groups we have group training class. A lot of animals, they
just need some basic obedience. We haven’t changed the inherent goodness of
the dog or the cat- we’ve given them some tools and we’ve given them some time and
sometimes that’s all they need to have that great relationship and experience
with their forever home. We want to make sure that they’re
comfortable and ready to be adoptable they get a grooming, we make sure to get
a photo of them. That way we can have them up on our PetBooks. At Wallis Annenberg PetSpace we believe
in an open adoptions philosophy: We don’t do an application process, we believe in
basically getting to know our guests and make sure that we match them with the
right pet. We want to make sure to help them in the process of creating that
human-animal bond. When you see that happen, I’m getting goosebumps just as I
talk about it, when you watch that happen that’s an amazing thing and never gets
old. It’s always the best feeling out of every day. That is our end goal, to create
great family relationships with these pets. It was very exciting, it was very
informative, a very smooth process. I definitely would recommend friends coming to PetSpace. It’s very gratifying. They’re going to have this
incredible relationship for many many years. It just warms your heart. It’s

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