ANNIE: Origins | League of Legends

Why Annie? And then Mister Tibbers fights the nasty dragon! Oh, let me! No, he’s mine! Hey! Tibbers is stupid. No he’s not!
Give him back! Here, come and get him! Let go! Girls?
What’s going on? What did you do? She took Tibbers! What’s wrong with you? It was an accident. Daisy started it. Oh, did she now?
Well, I’m sure she didn’t mean too. You’ll be playing together before you know it, okay? I promise, firefly. Shh! Daisy, wait! Got you- Ah! Daisy! Help! Hold on! Daisy! You can’t blame Annie… She’s still our daughter. No… Your daughter’s a monster. How could you say that?! You know it’s true! Annie! Annie! Annie, where are you?! I’ve got you, firefly.
I’ve got you. Shut up! You took… everything. No!

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