Anthony Comes Face to Face With His Ancestor | A New Leaf

it looks like Elijah also started the family’s history of serving America during war time he fought in the Revolutionary War Elijah volunteered in Wilkes County North Carolina in 1779 that’s where I’m from that’s cool so he fought for the Revolutionary War hopefully not for the British not for the British I’m very excited and very happy with what I found I’m surprised I could see as much as I did it’s nice those little small things I found out like I don’t drink coffee and he only had one cup his whole life it’s those little things that connect me and make me feel a little bit closer to those people so how do you feel knowing that all your ancestors were really a big part of the community and really well respected I mean that’s important yeah very proud of that yeah now when I have kids I can show them all of this and even as far as back as the Revolutionary War we were told we were upstanding men and we were good to the community and we fought for what was right and that’s honestly all you want to be able to tell your kids is that you know be a good upright person and you know treat people like you want to be treated and stand up for what’s right that’s great

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