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17:30:07:18>>>Coming up next on “Arizona
17:30:09:24 Horizon” — former Attorney 17:30:12:06 General Terry Goddard announce
17:30:14:18 add campaign to fight dark 17:30:16:06 money.
17:30:16:18 Learn about a new center to help 17:30:18:03 improve complex biosocial
17:30:19:18 systems, and we’ll hear how 17:30:21:03 students and statistics helped
a 17:30:24:27 prominent local golf company.
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17:30:35:24 Thank you. 17:30:37:21>>>Good evening.
17:30:38:03 Welcome to “Arizona Horizon.” 17:30:39:21 I’m Ted Simons.
17:30:41:00 Former state Attorney General 17:30:41:27 Terry Goddard announced a plan
17:30:44:00 today to take on dark money with 17:30:45:21 an effort called Vox populi
17:30:49:06 association. 17:30:49:18 Here to tell bus VPA is Terry
17:30:51:03 Goddard. 17:30:52:06 Good to see you again.
17:30:53:15>>Ted, pleasure to be here. 17:30:55:21>>is it Vox populi association
17:30:58:09 or Vox populi Arizona? 17:31:01:09>>We have it two ways.
17:31:02:18 It’s an association but we have 17:31:04:18 abbreviated to VPA, because Vox
17:31:06:24 populi gets everybody confused. 17:31:10:03 Arizona.
17:31:11:03 The only thing you have to 17:31:12:12 remember from that is not the
17:31:13:27 Latin but the fact that it’s an 17:31:15:27 effort to fight dark money.
17:31:17:09 That’s why it was set up. 17:31:20:00 It’s on the web now.
17:31:21:06 There’s a website, you can go to
17:31:25:00 stop dark or go to 17:31:28:15
17:31:32:27 No playing around. 17:31:34:12>>let’s find out, first goal
is 17:31:36:15 to stop dark money.
17:31:38:00 How do you do that? 17:31:40:06>>Hopefully in the legislature.
17:31:41:15 So I’m waiting and watching and 17:31:43:21 praying a little to see if our
17:31:45:27 legislators, many of whom have 17:31:47:24 made very strong statements that
17:31:51:03 dark money, corporate money is 17:31:52:12 that disguised, you don’t know
17:31:54:06 who the contributor is, it use 17:31:56:00 as whole lot of corporate
17:31:57:12 intermediaries to decide guys 17:31:59:09 who really is behind the ads
17:32:01:03 that you see on TV, and last 17:32:03:12 year in Arizona there was $15
17:32:05:12 million in every election, every 17:32:08:18 race statewide received a lot
of 17:32:10:21 this dark money.
17:32:11:21 You basically don’t know who is 17:32:12:27 trying to buy your vote.
17:32:14:06 I think that’s absolutely wrong. 17:32:16:09 How do you stop it?
17:32:17:18 You stop it with disclosure, 17:32:19:21 sunlight.
17:32:20:18 You say, if you’re going to pay 17:32:22:21 politics in Arizona, you have
an 17:32:24:21 obligation or the state has an
17:32:26:06 obligation to require you to say 17:32:28:06 where your money came from.
17:32:29:27 We don’t do that today. 17:32:31:12 Arizona has become the Cayman
17:32:32:18 Islands literally for dark 17:32:34:09 money.
17:32:35:00 Tens of millions of dollars from 17:32:36:15 other states have been washing
17:32:37:15 through Arizona and then go out 17:32:39:00 to pollute other places as well
17:32:40:21 as our elections. 17:32:42:03>>How do you go back to find
17:32:43:27 out who the donor is when it can 17:32:45:24 be a labyrinth, Daisy chain
17:32:50:21 times ten. 17:32:51:15 If I’m the original donor I have
17:32:53:21 all sorts of ways to hide the 17:32:55:03 money.
17:32:55:24>>that’s right. 17:32:56:06 That used to be — I used to be
17:32:58:21 the Attorney General. 17:33:00:18 One of the number one groups we
17:33:02:03 went after were money 17:33:03:09 launderers.
17:33:04:00 This is money laundering. 17:33:05:12 It’s not illegal in Arizona, let
17:33:07:03 me say that, it should be, and 17:33:09:03 we need to go after it and make
17:33:10:24 it so. 17:33:11:15 But the same techniques that we
17:33:13:27 used in the Attorney General’s 17:33:14:27 office of research and of
17:33:17:27 diligence and following the 17:33:19:18 money are what you have to use
17:33:21:27 on dark money. 17:33:22:24 I think the legislature has to
17:33:23:27 defined it very carefully this. 17:33:25:12 Ehave to make sure that we have
17:33:27:18 a definition where you can’t 17:33:29:03 just take the person or the
17:33:30:24 company that was the most recent 17:33:32:27 contributor.
17:33:33:15 That will always be a phony. 17:33:35:18 That will always be one of these
17:33:36:27 very happy sounding companies, 17:33:39:24 citizens for better government,
17:33:41:09 citizens for good things. 17:33:43:21 Who are the ones that are
17:33:45:21 shielding the real donor. 17:33:47:09 So the way I define it is the
17:33:49:15 original donor pays the taxes on
17:33:52:00 the money but we need to massage 17:33:54:00 that and get a precise
17:33:55:21 definition. 17:33:56:09 The legislature needs to make
it 17:33:57:21 clear.
17:33:57:27 If they don’t, the reason Vox 17:33:59:27 populi is out there, the reason
17:34:02:21 we have VPA Arizona, is to do a
17:34:05:12 petition drive. 17:34:06:12 I seriously believe it may come
17:34:08:27 to that. 17:34:09:15 If it does, then I intend along
17:34:12:03 with some other hopefully very 17:34:14:18 sharp lawyers, I’m not one but
17:34:16:18 they are, there draft something 17:34:18:03 that will in fact get after the
17:34:21:15 transparency issue so that 17:34:23:03 Arizona will make sure that all
17:34:24:15 political money is transparent. 17:34:26:06>>for those who say donors have
17:34:27:27 a right to be anonymous, you say 17:34:29:27 —
17:34:30:12>>I say nonsense. 17:34:31:21 Nonsense.
17:34:32:18 There is no legal right for a 17:34:35:00 corporate donor to remain
17:34:36:12 secret. 17:34:37:12 The Supreme Court of the United
17:34:38:06 States has been very clear about 17:34:39:21 that in a number of cases
17:34:41:09 including the one that created 17:34:42:24 this problem, citizens United.
17:34:45:18 Justice Kennedy was eloquent 17:34:47:06 saying there is no right to
17:34:48:27 hide. 17:34:51:12 Justice Scalia in a different
17:34:54:15 case said he wouldn’t want to 17:34:56:09 live in a country where
17:34:57:12 political discussion was held 17:34:58:21 anonymously and I agree with him
17:35:01:06 on. 17:35:01:18 That we don’t always agree but
17:35:02:21 that’s one where he hit the nail 17:35:05:18 on the head.
17:35:06:12>>if that’s what you’re seeing 17:35:08:18 as interpretation from the
17:35:09:18 highest court in the land why 17:35:11:18 with we not seen more in the way
17:35:14:06 of lawsuits? 17:35:15:06 The high court did say in
17:35:16:24 citizens United that much of 17:35:18:09 this activity is legal.
17:35:20:12>>Citizens United said clearly, 17:35:23:15 corporations are people.
17:35:25:27 And because they are people they 17:35:27:12 have a right to contribute to
17:35:29:21 politics. 17:35:30:12 Then they said they have an
17:35:31:21 unlimited right. 17:35:32:27 They basically took away the
17:35:34:12 limits. 17:35:35:00 Before citizens United corporate
17:35:37:09 contributions were illegal in 17:35:38:27 Arizona and other contributions
17:35:40:06 faced very severe campaign 17:35:42:00 contribution limit.
17:35:43:18 Citizens United basically blew 17:35:45:21 that up.
17:35:46:03 It did not, however, many people 17:35:47:24 think 2 did but it did not
17:35:50:03 create a conspiracy of secrecy. 17:35:52:00 It did not say to corporate
17:35:53:09 donors, you can remain secret. 17:35:55:15 You don’t have to tell anybody
17:35:56:24 what you’re doing. 17:35:57:21 You can come try to buy the
17:35:59:18 election and stay in the 17:36:01:09 shadows.
17:36:02:00 That’s exactly what we’re trying 17:36:02:24 to do is to eliminate the
17:36:04:15 shadows, trying to say in 17:36:06:21 Arizona as they have done in
17:36:08:06 California and many other 17:36:09:12 states, Utah included, they have
17:36:12:03 required disclosure of political 17:36:14:21 operatives.
17:36:15:12 They don’t allow them to hide. 17:36:17:12 Arizona allows them to hide.
17:36:18:24 That’s got to stop. 17:36:19:24 This is a bipartisan issue.
17:36:21:18 Republicans were hurt just like 17:36:23:18 Democrats in the last election
17:36:25:03 and I believe we can get a 17:36:26:15 bipartisan consensus rolling
17:36:27:27 here that dark money has to be 17:36:30:06 terminated in Arizona.
17:36:31:15>>this group is a 501c4? 17:36:35:21>>Yes, the irony of that is
17:36:37:27 that most of the people we’re 17:36:39:03 fighting against are 501c4s.
17:36:42:00 The fact that you’re a C4 17:36:44:27 doesn’t mean your bad.
17:36:46:00 If you were set up entirely to 17:36:48:12 decides who the real
17:36:49:15 contributors are that’s a 17:36:50:21 different proposal.
17:36:52:09 This organization will disclose 17:36:55:12 its contributors, $5 or $1,000.
17:36:58:15 We’re not in that business. 17:36:59:27 We’re in the business of trying
17:37:01:06 to persuade people they have 17:37:03:00 rights being abused and there
17:37:04:15 are corporate interests trying 17:37:06:21 to buy our state.
17:37:08:00>>full disclosure. 17:37:10:00>>I gotta tell people up front.
17:37:12:09 Some issues you know survive the 17:37:14:03 election.
17:37:14:24 I said in the last summer that I
17:37:16:15 was going to pursue stopping 17:37:19:00 dark money and I’m serious about
17:37:20:18 it. 17:37:21:00 I need help.
17:37:21:27>>last question. 17:37:22:15 If I’m running Ted’s hamburger
17:37:25:21 Hamlet and I want to donate a 17:37:27:18 lot of money to candidate X, but
17:37:30:09 I know a lot of my customers — 17:37:32:15 I could lose customers if they
17:37:35:15 know I’m supporting that 17:37:37:03 particular candidate.
17:37:38:03>>too bad, Ted. 17:37:39:18>>Who protects hamburger
17:37:41:09 Hamlet? 17:37:42:09>>You and every other citizen
17:37:43:27 have the right to speak up in 17:37:45:09 the political dialogue but in
17:37:47:06 that speaking up you need to 17:37:48:15 have the courage of your
17:37:49:15 convictions and say this is my 17:37:51:09 opinion.
17:37:52:00 You don’t have I believe under 17:37:54:18 lawsuit of the United States and
17:37:56:06 the First Amendment to say, oh, 17:37:58:09 I’m going to say this secretly.
17:38:01:09 I’m going to put millions into 17:38:02:27 this campaign but I don’t want
17:38:05:03 anyone to know I’m behind T. 17:38:07:06 let’s look at why you might want
17:38:09:09 to be secret. 17:38:10:21 Maybe your customers will think
17:38:12:12 badly of you. 17:38:13:06 If you’re in the political
17:38:14:24 dialogue you take that risk. 17:38:16:12 People don’t like me because I
17:38:17:21 have done in political 17:38:19:00 discussion I’m sure.
17:38:19:21 Maybe I won’t go into business. 17:38:21:03 The bottom line, I think, is
17:38:23:00 they don’t want people to know 17:38:24:12 about it because they know if
17:38:26:03 they did their support would be 17:38:28:18 toxic to the candidates that
17:38:30:06 they are supporting. 17:38:32:00 Somebody stood up and said I’m
17:38:33:24 corporation X, Y, Z, supporting 17:38:36:18 candidate Joe, many people may
17:38:38:06 say, that’s not the side I want 17:38:40:21 to be on.
17:38:41:09 So that company resorts to 17:38:42:21 secrecy and stays in the
17:38:44:03 shadows. 17:38:46:00 We in Arizona have allowed them
17:38:48:00 to do it and that needs to stop. 17:38:50:06>>always a pleasure.
17:38:51:09>>Thanks. 17:38:51:21>>>
17:39:51:00>>>ASU recently announce add 17:39:53:18 joint venture with the Santa Fe
17:39:55:21 institute for a new center for 17:39:57:12 biosocial complex systems
17:39:59:00 designed to offer among other 17:40:00:12 things ideas and solutions to
17:40:02:00 help develop and maintain 17:40:03:12 urbanization.
17:40:04:15 Here with more is the center’s 17:40:05:24 co-director, Manfred.
17:40:10:21 Good to see you. 17:40:11:21 It sounds complicated but I
17:40:13:15 don’t think it is. 17:40:15:18 Define a biosocial complex
17:40:18:06 system. 17:40:19:15>>Well, most systems that we
17:40:21:03 look at in science we tend to 17:40:23:24 look at them from different
17:40:25:00 perspectives. 17:40:25:27 That’s why we have the idea that
17:40:27:06 they are biological systems, 17:40:28:21 social systems and they have
17:40:29:27 nothing to do with each other. 17:40:31:09 But of course all the systems
17:40:33:12 that really affect us are 17:40:35:09 tightly interconnected.
17:40:36:21 So take a city, for instance, 17:40:39:15 you can look at a city as a
17:40:41:06 social system, as an economic 17:40:42:27 system, but a city takes up
17:40:44:27 space. 17:40:46:24 It is its own environment.
17:40:48:24 It has a large footprint that go
17:40:50:27 way beyond the boundaries of the 17:40:52:06 cities.
17:40:52:15 So taking all those perspectives 17:40:56:18 together you end up with a
17:40:58:15 complex biosocial system. 17:41:00:24 Those are the systems we want
to 17:41:03:09 study.
17:41:03:21>>is it to better understand 17:41:04:27 that interconnectedness?
17:41:07:06>>Better understand 17:41:08:09 interconnectedness and which is
17:41:10:27 necessary if you want to develop 17:41:13:06 solutions to any of the real
17:41:14:21 world problems that we have. 17:41:16:21 I think everybody living in
17:41:18:21 Phoenix or in the area knows 17:41:20:15 that our city is such an urban
17:41:24:09 environment produces a lot of 17:41:25:15 problems.
17:41:26:15 Many of them actually are 17:41:28:18 unintended consequences of
17:41:30:15 previous actions. 17:41:32:12 That’s what they will focus on.
17:41:34:21>>I notice in reading this 17:41:36:00 there was an example in Europe
17:41:37:18 regarding saving water, I think 17:41:40:09 in Germany.
17:41:41:06 All of a sudden they saved so 17:41:43:12 much water it started flooding
17:41:44:15 in Berlin. 17:41:45:15>>that’s a very ironic story,
17:41:47:09 isn’t it? 17:41:48:00 We have all the best intentions
17:41:49:06 to protect our resources. 17:41:51:27 Saving water becomes of course
a 17:41:54:24 very good thing to do.
17:41:56:21 So with German efficiency they 17:41:58:27 did it.
17:42:00:00 So toilets use less water. 17:42:03:03 People are very conscious about
17:42:04:18 it. 17:42:05:00 So as a matter of fact over the
17:42:07:21 last roughly 30 years the city 17:42:09:09 of Berlin despite its increase
17:42:11:03 in population uses about a third 17:42:13:21 less water than before.
17:42:15:15 Now, nobody thought about that a
17:42:17:18 lot of the water they were using 17:42:19:00 was ground water they pumped up.
17:42:20:27 So as a consequence, basements 17:42:23:12 are beginning to flood.
17:42:25:24 Big construction sites in Berlin 17:42:27:15 are basically lakes.
17:42:29:03 They had to develop a whole new 17:42:30:21 way of pouring concrete under
17:42:32:24 water for the foundations and 17:42:37:12 then to pump out the water.
17:42:38:24 You see how those technical 17:42:40:06 solutions to problems that are
17:42:43:15 generated because of our 17:42:44:15 actions.
17:42:45:09>>so with this new center you 17:42:47:21 look at urban areas, Phoenix,
17:42:49:21 Berlin, all points in between, 17:42:51:18 say decision making process, you
17:42:53:03 may have done it this way, 17:42:54:15 here’s a better idea to decide?
17:42:56:24>>That would be a desirable 17:42:58:18 outcome.
17:43:00:00 What we are trying to understand 17:43:01:18 for instance is how do we
17:43:03:21 basically treat those different 17:43:06:12 systems when they grow in size
17:43:08:06 or shrink. 17:43:08:27 So often we have an
17:43:11:06 understanding of a system at a 17:43:12:27 scale, but the solution falls
17:43:17:03 apart if the system grows 17:43:19:09 bigger.
17:43:19:27 We can’t transplant it from one 17:43:22:21 system to another so issues of
17:43:25:03 scaling are extremely important. 17:43:28:00 It’s not just growth but you
17:43:29:21 look at Detroit and you have the 17:43:31:09 opposite.
17:43:32:03 A city shrinks. 17:43:33:06 How can we understand and manage
17:43:34:24 this process? 17:43:35:27>>Interesting.
17:43:36:12 Of course with Arizona and with 17:43:38:21 Detroit you can talk about
17:43:40:06 geography. 17:43:41:06 It makes a difference.
17:43:42:06>>absolutely. 17:43:43:03 The larger eco-systems, all
17:43:47:12 those areas need to be 17:43:48:21 considered as well.
17:43:49:18>>as far as the Santa Fe 17:43:50:21 institute, was the Santa Fe
17:43:53:21 institute and why did they 17:43:55:09 decide to collaborate?
17:43:56:18>>It’s basically a very St. 17:43:57:18 Paul think tank.
17:44:01:03 At launch ceremony ten days ago 17:44:03:03 Michael control referred to as
17:44:05:00 the intellectual descent and of 17:44:08:03 Plato’ academy.
17:44:10:09 It’s a small place. 17:44:11:24 Small resident — external
17:44:20:15 faculty of professors and it has 17:44:23:00 been at the forefront of
17:44:24:21 studying complex systems and 17:44:26:24 developing the theoretical
17:44:28:21 foundations for. 17:44:29:15 That that in a way matches very
17:44:30:27 well with the orientation that 17:44:32:09 we try to develop here at ASU
17:44:34:24 under Micah’s leadership to 17:44:38:00 break down the disciplinary
17:44:39:09 boundaries some of the it was a
17:44:40:24 lodger Callaway of pairing up 17:44:42:09 those two institutions and to
do 17:44:44:24 it in a way that creates a lot
17:44:46:24 of synergies. 17:44:48:15 That’s what we are trying to do
17:44:50:00 with this collaboration. 17:44:51:06>>before you go, something like
17:44:52:18 disease, health care delivery 17:44:56:06 when a disease hits in an urban
17:44:58:12 N. 17:44:58:27>>those are the themes, yes.
17:45:00:12 Take ebola. 17:45:01:24 We thought we understood it as
a 17:45:06:03 very deadly disease but not one
17:45:08:00 to worry too much about because 17:45:09:15 it usually was the outbreaks
17:45:11:18 were in isolated, small areas. 17:45:13:15 Now once ebola entered a
17:45:15:24 completely different system, 17:45:17:03 urban systems in western Africa,
17:45:19:09 we see that we are not at all 17:45:21:09 prepared to deal with this.
17:45:23:03 That’s another one of the 17:45:23:27 questions we want to study.
17:45:25:06>>very interesting stuff. 17:45:26:06 Good luck.
17:45:26:24 We hope to hear about some of 17:45:28:09 these ideas coming out of the
17:45:29:27 center. 17:45:30:15>>you will.
17:45:31:06>>Good to have you here. 17:45:32:21>>thank you.
17:45:43:09>>>Tonight’s edition of Arizona 17:45:45:00 Art Beat contains an air of
17:45:47:21 mystery. 17:45:48:27 Shana Fischer and Gabe Rodriguez
17:45:51:18 take to us a Phoenix art museum 17:45:54:15 that asks you to play detective
17:45:56:18 and solve a century old 17:45:58:21 whodunnit or in this case who
17:46:01:03 Pate painted it. 17:46:03:06>>It’s jerry Smith’s job to
17:46:04:24 know the background of every 17:46:06:03 artist and painting understand
17:46:07:15 his care. 17:46:08:09 But in the case of the
17:46:09:09 unidentified artist exhibit, 17:46:11:09 that’s not the case.
17:46:12:03>>they are works from the 17:46:14:09 collection that we don’t know
17:46:16:15 who made them. 17:46:18:06>>About 25 paintings were
17:46:19:24 brought up from the museum’s 17:46:21:12 basement.
17:46:22:00 Some were donated to the museum. 17:46:24:27 Others purchased.
17:46:26:09 The team has tried to identify 17:46:28:09 who created the works of art but
17:46:30:06 it’s not that easy. 17:46:31:09 All they know is that they were
17:46:32:21 all painted in Europe between 17:46:33:24 the 14th and 20th centuries.
17:46:36:18>>One of the things we do in 17:46:37:24 trying to identify who made
17:46:39:24 these works if we can at all is 17:46:43:27 connoisseurship certainly, and
17:46:45:27 that’s from looking at a lot of 17:46:49:27 works of art and people who are
17:46:52:06 specialists in certain areas 17:46:54:18 where we ask questions, we send
17:46:57:06 images out sometimes to multiple 17:47:00:18 experts in the field and get
17:47:02:15 their opinions on things. 17:47:04:12 And we just try to narrow it
17:47:06:09 down. 17:47:07:06 Oftentimes we might not be able
17:47:08:27 to nail the exact artist but we 17:47:11:15 get it to within a region or a
17:47:14:06 follower of a certain artist. 17:47:16:12>>even though we don’t know who
17:47:17:21 the artists are, Smith says we 17:47:19:18 can still appreciate the
17:47:21:03 craftsmanship. 17:47:21:24>>to look at each individual
17:47:24:18 item, enjoy the brush work, 17:47:27:12 enjoy the line, to look closely
17:47:31:15 and try to say is this a 17:47:34:21 professional artist making a
17:47:36:00 study for possibly a later 17:47:38:00 painting, or is this possibly
a 17:47:40:12 student work?
17:47:41:09>>It was Smith’s assistant 17:47:42:18 Chelsea who came up with the
17:47:44:15 idea for the exhibit. 17:47:45:18 She also thought it would be fun
17:47:47:03 to allow visitors to take photos 17:47:48:24 of the artwork and post them on
17:47:51:00 social media as another way to 17:47:52:27 help crack the centuries old
17:47:55:12 mystery. 17:47:56:03>>we have not had anybody come
17:47:58:12 forward and say, you know, I 17:48:00:03 have done a lot of research.
17:48:01:12 I did my masters thesis on this 17:48:03:24 artist.
17:48:04:12 I really think it’s such and 17:48:06:00 such because we haven’t had that
17:48:08:06 happen yet. 17:48:09:03 But we hope it does.
17:48:12:21>>Unidentified artists is on 17:48:14:09 display flew April 19 at the
17:48:16:09 Phoenix art museum. 17:48:18:21>>>We want to hear from you.
17:48:20:27 Submit your questions, comments 17:48:22:06 and concerns via email at
17:48:24:18 “Arizona Horizon”@ASU point EDU. 17:48:29:09>>>With the PGA tour in town
17:48:30:18 for the waste management Phoenix 17:48:32:03 open we thought we would look
at 17:48:33:21 a golf story on how a group of
17:48:35:18 students helped local golf club 17:48:38:06 manufacturer ping analyze grip
17:48:44:00 alignments. 17:48:45:03 Joining us, Robbie Reiter, one
17:48:50:15 of the students who worked on 17:48:51:15 the project.
17:48:51:15 Good to have you both here. 17:48:54:00>>Glad to be here.
17:48:55:00>>how did you partner up with 17:48:56:09 ping on this?
17:48:57:15>>For our program our 17:48:58:18 bachelor’s degree in statistics
17:49:00:24 students have to do a capstone 17:49:02:15 project.
17:49:03:12 Working with a company or 17:49:04:27 industry in the area.
17:49:07:00 Robbie was a student in our 17:49:08:21 program for a couple of years
17:49:10:03 and had done an internship with 17:49:12:03 ping and knew this was coming
17:49:13:06 up. 17:49:13:18 He offered this opportunity,
17:49:16:15 said I think ping might be 17:49:18:00 interested in providing a
17:49:19:27 project for us to do. 17:49:22:06 It seemed one thing led to
17:49:24:00 another. 17:49:24:06 I met with them and we were able
17:49:25:24 to square it up, got a team of 17:49:27:24 students that could work just
17:49:29:18 like they were employed there, 17:49:31:12 do some of the work and did a
17:49:33:00 really nice project. 17:49:34:03>>this is statistics but we’re
17:49:37:12 also talking about golf club 17:49:39:27 grip alignment.
17:49:40:27 I love golf. 17:49:41:18 I’m not sure what you’re talking
17:49:42:21 about here. 17:49:43:21>>one of the things, ping’s
17:49:45:12 grips, some golfers utilize the 17:49:47:24 aligns, they put lines on the
17:49:50:00 grip. 17:49:51:00>>Yes.
17:49:51:15>>so having those in the right 17:49:53:06 place is crucial to some
17:49:55:09 golfers, a lot of pros and what 17:49:58:06 not.
17:49:58:15 They wanted to ensure their 17:50:00:24 grips are put on as straight as
17:50:03:00 possible. 17:50:03:12 One of the things in our project
17:50:05:09 was analyzing the data they had 17:50:08:09 been collecting, figuring out
17:50:10:24 what their current process was 17:50:12:09 looking like, then also coming
17:50:14:06 up with improvements for that. 17:50:16:09 Going towards experimentation
to 17:50:19:09 provide some really sound
17:50:21:06 information and backing their 17:50:23:24 decisions moving forward.
17:50:25:00>>so it wasn’t just basically 17:50:27:06 hit it up, change it, you had
a 17:50:28:27 lot of statistical analogy here.
17:50:31:12>>a ton. 17:50:32:15 It encompass– we were able to
17:50:35:27 utilize all the tools we learned 17:50:38:15 at the left campus in our new
17:50:40:06 program. 17:50:40:21 Just huge to show the impact we
17:50:42:18 can have as understand graduate 17:50:44:24 students in this sort of project
17:50:47:15 utilizing these tools in a 17:50:49:06 practical sense.
17:50:51:06 I think that’s a big part of 17:50:52:27 what we’re trying to go for
17:50:54:12 here. 17:50:55:21>>it was a semester long
17:50:57:06 project. 17:50:57:21>>yes.
17:50:58:06>>take us through the certain 17:50:59:12 steps here.
17:50:59:27 What you saw that needed to be 17:51:01:27 done and how the students
17:51:03:03 responded. 17:51:04:03>>One of the first things that
17:51:06:15 has to happen, we work with an 17:51:08:12 enterprise in the community is
17:51:10:03 we are going to outline we got 17:51:12:06 to get a project students can
17:51:13:24 accomplish in a semester’s time. 17:51:16:06 Give them 12 weeks to work on
17:51:18:27 it. 17:51:20:06 What really is nice is we have
a 17:51:22:18 group of students, four
17:51:24:03 students, four students on a 17:51:25:24 team, and really it’s up to them
17:51:28:06 that they go in and they have to
17:51:30:06 help identify with people at 17:51:33:06 ping.
17:51:33:18 We have had a point of contact 17:51:35:06 at ping that they worked with
17:51:36:15 the entire time which is vitally 17:51:38:27 important in these types of
17:51:40:06 projects to be successful for 17:51:41:21 students.
17:51:42:18 But what happened was there were 17:51:44:15 several things that ping thought
17:51:46:00 we could work on this, we could 17:51:48:00 do this, this.
17:51:49:06 One thing the students had to do
17:51:50:24 their first assignment for me 17:51:52:06 was scope out the project and
17:51:54:00 say was exactly you’re going to 17:51:56:09 work on.
17:51:57:03 That is easier said than done. 17:51:59:15 Very rare that you don’t have
17:52:01:18 your scope is not big enough. 17:52:03:03 It’s usually they have so many
17:52:04:21 things they want to work on and 17:52:07:03 you never get to accomplish
17:52:08:21 them. 17:52:09:06 They to learn how do I decide
17:52:11:00 what I’m going to work on that I
17:52:12:18 can finish in 12 weeks. 17:52:17:09 Ping signed off on it, I signed
17:52:19:21 off on it and they worked from 17:52:21:06 there, this grip alignment.
17:52:23:24 What does that look like? 17:52:25:03 How can they improve that, an
17:52:27:03 area of opportunity for them. 17:52:28:15 Through the semester they had
to 17:52:29:27 do several things T. was a lot
17:52:32:00 of statistical and 17:52:33:27 nonstatistical skills.
17:52:35:09 They had to write reports, give 17:52:37:09 presentations as a team.
17:52:39:12 They were incredibly — the way 17:52:42:09 they ended up, it was every
17:52:44:27 faculty member’s dream the way 17:52:46:24 they worked as a team.
17:52:48:06>>yeah. 17:52:48:24 As far as working as a team
17:52:50:12 individually, did everyone — 17:52:52:03 was everyone a golfer?
17:52:54:12 Did some people even know which 17:52:56:06 end of the club was up?
17:52:58:03>>You can imagine we had an 17:52:59:27 array.
17:53:00:27 Me, myself golfing for a couple 17:53:03:00 of years to some of us never
17:53:06:12 golfing and not knowing any of 17:53:07:27 the terminology.
17:53:08:27 It was definitely interesting to
17:53:11:18 see how well we pulled it 17:53:13:03 together.
17:53:14:06 We all utilized our strongest 17:53:17:24 points and facets and got the
17:53:20:24 job done. 17:53:21:15>>as far as the difference
17:53:22:24 between what you learned in 17:53:24:06 class and in previous
17:53:25:15 undergraduate years and what you 17:53:27:00 learned on this project could,
17:53:28:09 you see the difference? 17:53:29:18>>Oh, yeah.
17:53:30:09 Oh, yeah. 17:53:31:18>>As far as applying it in the
17:53:33:09 professional world? 17:53:34:09>>I think that’s half of it.
17:53:36:09 Like the capstone really 17:53:38:27 provides us that outlet to
17:53:40:15 utilize those tools and really 17:53:43:00 see with our own eyes how we can
17:53:45:06 implement them. 17:53:46:21 Really make an impact.
17:53:48:15>>I guess as well it’s also — 17:53:52:15 a little bit of pressure.
17:53:53:27 You’re working now for ping 17:53:55:09 this.
17:53:55:15 We expect something out of you. 17:53:57:12 It’s not just classroom any
17:53:59:27 more. 17:54:00:09>>no.
17:54:01:18 Failure was not an option. 17:54:03:06 The students had to do this
17:54:05:24 project for ping. 17:54:07:00 That’s why it was important for
17:54:09:00 ping to identify a project 17:54:10:09 vitally important to them.
17:54:11:18 It couldn’t be, well if you get 17:54:13:12 time go work on that.
17:54:16:00 It needed to something they 17:54:17:09 wanted to see get an improvement
17:54:19:12 in. 17:54:19:21 That was really important.
17:54:22:15 For them to work as a team to be
17:54:25:06 able to do that. 17:54:26:18 When he talks about and when you
17:54:29:06 mention using the tools that 17:54:31:00 they learned, it was — there’s
17:54:33:18 no technical problem here. 17:54:36:06 It was they had to learn a lot.
17:54:38:06 They did research. 17:54:39:03 They did so much on their own,
I 17:54:41:09 think the best part of that what
17:54:43:18 ended up happening was in the 17:54:45:18 beginning of that term and this
17:54:47:24 project the students, they came 17:54:50:27 to me, what should we do next?
17:54:52:24 Is this the right way? 17:54:54:15 Within ten weeks, the 10th
17:54:56:27 week though would just tell me 17:54:58:21 what they were going to do, say,
17:55:01:03 we think we’re going this 17:55:02:06 direction.
17:55:02:15 What do you think? 17:55:03:18 We’re going to do that.
17:55:04:21 It was fantastic. 17:55:06:09 The faculty member’s dream to
17:55:09:15 watch their students go into 17:55:11:00 that type of independence so
17:55:12:09 successfully. 17:55:13:06>>congratulations on a great
17:55:14:03 semester and congratulations on 17:55:15:09 a great project.
17:55:16:15 Good luck. 17:55:17:06>>thank you.
17:55:18:24>>>Wednesday here on “Arizona 17:55:19:21 Horizon” it’s our weekly
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17:55:30:03 That’s at 5:30 and 10:00 on the 17:55:32:06 next “Arizona Horizon.”
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