Are YOU A Family History Hero?

Hello, this is Linda Sattgast from here to
tell you that we’ve changed our name to
Now, why would we do that? Let me tell you. [music playing] Actually I love both names:
imaphotohero and familyhistoryhero, but there are three reasons we
decided to change it. First, it was hard for people to understand
how the website URL was spelled. We had to say it starts with “Ima”
without any spaces or an apostrophe. And there was always confusion
and confusion is not a good thing. We want everyone to instantly
understand how to reach us. Secondly, the word photo
focuses on just the photo, but family history means anything
to do with family history. And that includes the photos and the
names and dates and stories that go with them. And that’s really what we want to get
across-that photos without the history lose their value and
eventually get thrown away. And that’s why it’s so important
to do something about them now. And finally the words family and history
are in a lot more online searches that relate to what our business is about. The word photo by itself could
be anything involved with photos. We want people to understand that
we’re focusing on family history, but one thing hasn’t changed-the word
hero because that’s what YOU are. If you turn your boxes of photos into
something you can share with your kids and grandkids and future generations, someone down the road in your family is
going to be so grateful that you took the time to organize and scan the
photos and record the family stories. That makes you a family history hero.

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