Armenians, Kurds & Basal-rich K7 DNA Test Results (Ancient Roots)

In the previous video I shared my
ethnicity percentages according to different autosomal DNA test
companies and before I displayed my results I asked viewers to share their
thoughts on my ethnicity. In adding to some very close estimates there were some comments saying that I look like Jesus Christ, Adrien Brody and Borat. Actually I
think that these comments are very coherent because we can say that they’re
all Jewish but the interesting thing here is that I’m not a Jew. Also I want to respond a
comment made by ainanor. I think this is a female name
so I will call ainanor as she. Let’s see what she says: Well, this is basically not true. Celts
and Anglo-Saxons don’t come from Armenians. They are just different Indo-European peoples. Of course all Indo-Europeans descended
from the Proto-Indo-Europeans but that doesn’t mean that they
descended from one another. First of all I want to say that I love Armenian music and culture, which are not that different from Kurdish music and culture. But I see
no reason to think that I’m Armenian. Genetically speaking, Kurds and Armenians are
almost indistinguishable, but that doesn’t mean that Kurds are Armenians.
According to AncestryDNA company they both belong to a larger group called
Caucasians and again by Caucasian I don’t mean white people in general, I
mean the peoples of Caucasus. There is one more comment made by ainanor and
she says: Well, I wouldn’t say that because if you go back
enough in history you can say this for everyone. Although Turks of Turkey are not
much different than Kurds and Armenians, it is true that what is called Turk in
history was a Central Asian nation. But it’s not the same with the Kurds who
belong to the Iranian branch of Indo-Europeans. Both Iranians and
Armenians descended from Proto-Indo-Europeans, both Kurds and
Armenians came to the same region and mixed with the same populations. Of
course they will be genetically the same. We are like a big genetic family. And of course the things that I say don’t
mean that I have no Armenian heritage. Most probably I have somewhere in the past. OK. This video will be very short, I’ll
just share my “basal-rich k7” results. And this channel is not and will
not become a DNA test channel, so after this video I’ll probably move towards theology, comparative Indo-European religious traditions and Celtic music. Now, what is basal-rich k7? It’s an ancient admixture calculator,
which means it displays how much genetic correlation do you have with ancient human
populations. Actually I had took a kind of similar test called “Ancient Origins,”
which is introduced by Family Tree DNA and I shared my results in the previous
video. But Survive The Jive, who is in my opinion a very good YouTuber especially
on Indo-European studies, suggested that I should do this test in order to have
more accurate results. And I did it. Basal-rich k7 is created by Eurogenes
and in order to have your results you have to pay $12 and send your raw
DNA data to [email protected] You can check the links in the
description if you are interested. As you can understand from its name this
calculator has seven components, which are Ancient North Eurasians were probably hunter-gatherers that are closely related to Yamnaya culture. Yamnaya people had about 50%
Ancient North Eurasian DNA. Actually Survive The Jive recently published a video about these Ancient North Eurasians and you can check it for more information. The Villabruna-related component represents a group of Late Ice Age hunter-gatherers found in Europe. And the Basal-rich component is for
kind-of-hypothetical Basal Eurasians, who are thought to be splintered from other
non-Africans about 45,000 years ago and became one of the main ancestors of many
Eurasians, including early Neolithic farmers. Now my results: …but in this calculator the percentages that are
less than 1% should be ignored as genetic noise. In addition, I’ve learned that my DNA
clusters with the Chalcolithic samples that has been found in Areni Cave in
Armenia. Although some scientists think that the dwellers of this cave were related
with the Kura-Araxes culture, we are not sure for now. The earliest known shoe and the
oldest brain was discovered in this cave- -which may are from my forebears… If you liked this video, please subscribe
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