Assassin’s Creed Lineage – Full Movie (with ACCURATE English subtitles) [please read description]

The dawn of a new era for Italy.   Art, culture and science are flourishing
under the guidance of inspired minds.   Renaissance.   This is probably the way
history will remember us.   But in the shadows far from the gold,
and the knowledge, lies another truth.   Corruption.   Betrayal.   Murder.   Secrets.   Secrets so dangerous that I must hide them
even from my own family.   Family, justice, honor.   These are the values guiding my blade.   This truth is written in blood
and the shadows are where I strike.   I am Giovanni Auditore,   and like my ancestors before me,   I am an assassin.   You’re coming with me.
(Come on)!   I stopped them before they left Florence.
Unfortunately, Your Magnificence, the 4th man escaped.   What have you heard, Giovanni?   Rumors.   About an important event that will cause
a shift of power.   That man you captured,
has he spoken yet?   He will tell us what he knows.   When?   Tell me when!   In Milano, on the day of Christmas.   The high mass for
The Feast of Santo Stefano.   When?   When the echo of the choir becomes louder.
At the altar.   When the bell rings for the 12th
and last time.  Sic transit gloria mundi
(So passes the glory of the world).   At the altar, the echo of the choir
becomes louder.   When the bell rings
for the 12th and last time,   The Duke of Milano   will die.   Hurry!   Stop! Stop!   Don’t kill him!  Amori(Darling).   Ezio’s learning fast.   He reminds me of you.   Ezio, remember, you need to think ahead.   Don’t wait for your opponent to move.
Anticipate and surprise him.   How are you, father?   Good, good.   – Father.
– Federico.   With the death of the Duke of Milano,
Lorenzo de Medici has lost a powerful ally.   I am sure that his enemies already plot
their next move.   Sforza’s death was not the end.   It was just the beginning.   And I know where to fight my next battle.   You have served us well in the past.   That is why we are entrusting you
to send this letter to our master.   Perfect.
It’s just perfect.   After all these years,
our time has come, cousin.   Yes.   You must protect this letter with your life
until it is delivered, do you understand me?   Go toCampo San Anzolo.   Next to the wine merchant
there is a statue.   Our man will be waiting for you there.   Do not fail us.  In faccio fiducia
(I have faith in you).   What are your masters plotting?   Speak!   God as my witness,
I will cut your throat.   My life is not yours to take.
And my secrets come with me.   See you in hell!   Fool.   Giovanni, did you find anything
in Venice?   I intercepted this letter.   Take a look, your Magnificence.   It bears the seal of the Barbarigos.   I never trusted them.  Gonfaloniere
(Chief Magistrate).   An encrypted letter.   It will take several hours
to unlock its secrets.   I’ll send for you when it’s done,
Giovanni.   Get some rest.   Father Maffei.   You broke the code.
That’s good.   I knew you wouldn’t disappoint me,
Father Maffei.   Go fetch Giovanni.   Tell him he will need to travel shortly.   I will wake Lorenzo.
And Father…   Remember, you owe us
your silence.   Secrets are born here.   And they die here.   No one is to know about the content
of this letter.  Capisce(Understand)?   Good, you can go now.  Grazie(Thank you).   Come back to us soon.   I promise.   Our son is watching.   I know.   You should talk to him.   I will.   Tell me, papa, why is it that a banker leaves
so often in the middle of the night?   – Business calls, son.
– Let me come with you.   No.   Why not?   I need you to assist your brother.   Take care of the family while I’m away.   I want to help you, father.   You help me more than you know, Ezio.   More than you know.   Because we broke the seal of
the original letter,   we had to make an exact copy.   Father Edmundi is working on one
as we speak.   – Why?
– We were unable to decipher it.   The only way to unlock the secrets
of this letter…   and find out who masterminded
Sforza’s assassination…   is to deliver it and see
where it will lead us.   Your Magnificence…   I know exactly where in Rome the Barbarigos
wanted the letter to be delivered.   I can go.   Father Maffei, is it ready?   Rome is a dangerous city,
my dear Giovanni.   Are you sure you want to carry out
this mission without any help?   Yes. For the safety of Florence.   And the honor of the Medici.   So be it.   Go and find the pit
where these snakes hide.   And be merciless.   May the Father Of Understanding be with us.   Amen.   Has Rodrigo Borgia become
a messenger now?   Not necessarily, Your Holiness.   The death of the Duke of Milano
changes many things.   – Is it really?
– The alliances of men are fragile.   Even the cities can change hands
as easily as money.   As long as God is on our side.   Amen.   I am told that…   Lorenzo de Medici does not show
much respect for our position.   That is true. But you can force them
to obey you.   Florence is weak now.
We should take advantage of it.   – With your help… – It is not part of
my office to consent to the death of anyone.   But my concern is the greater good
of the Republic of Florence.   Therefore I am prepared to offer
my spiritual support.   And military help.   To ensure order is maintained.   Preserve the honor of the Holy See,
Rodrigo.   You can count on me, Your Holiness.   I’m looking for the man who just came in.   You must have seen him.
Where did he go?   It has been very quiet here today.   I have seen no other man besides you.   A hood covered his face.
He wore black clothes.   I cannot help you.
Maybe God can.   Pray.   And you will find the answer.   Your blade won’t be enough,
assassin.   What happens now is up to you.   You have a unique set of skills.   Giovanni.
That’s your name, isn’t it?   A set of skills I’d be delighted
to have on my side.   And what side is that?   The side that is going to win a war
you don’t even know has begun yet.   The world is changing under your feet,
Giovanni.   Join us, and you may live to see it.   Borgia.
Yes, I know your name, too.   I also know how this is going to end.   With your fantasy in ruins,
and an assassin’s blade in your throat.   We shall see.   He’s all yours.
Get him!   Kill him!   That blade almost pierced your heart.   You haven’t spoken a word
since you’ve returned.   What’s going on, Giovanni?   Tell me.   Sforza’s assassination was just
the beginning.   This is a vast conspiracy, Maria.   I’m pretty sure the next step
will occur here, in Florence.  Madonna mia
(Oh my God).   I’m concerned for the Medici’s safety,   For his allies’ fate
and for our own…   Papa!   Papa.
Father Maffei is here.   He wants you to come with him
immediately.   He’s not alone.
Armed men are with him.  Calmati, figlio
(Calm down, son).   Why would Lorenzo de Medici
send guards for you?   Why?   I don’t know.   Go back and tell Maffei
that I’m already gone.   Buy me some time.   Federico.
I’m depending on you.   You’re the eldest.   Protect the family.   Go.   [indistinct yelling]   Put me down!   I told you my father isn’t here.   Now!   And don’t ever doubt the words
of an Auditore again.   Leave this place now!   [arguing in Italian]   Calm down!   Our main problem is that damned
assassin!   His investigation threatens our plans!   Don’t worry.
I’ll deal with Giovanni.   I’ve already got something in mind.   And then,
nothing will stand in our way anymore.   “My dear sons…”   “Dark skies are rising over Florence
and time is running low.”   “The enemy is closer than I thought.”   “Now, the final battle is about to unfold.”   “Every man is mortal.
Every life comes to an end.”   “But certain things will never change.”   “Federico and Ezio, my sons…”   “Always remember,
we are theAuditore da Firenze”   “And we are assassins.”  


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