Awesome Ancestry – Tales from the Genome

Now, are there actually better examples of ancestry composition? I mean.>>Oh.>>I feel like mine’s pretty homogenous.>>I’d love for you to pull up the, the results for a friend of mine Roy King.>>Holy cow.>>Who, now, Roy understands that his ancestry traces to Europe, to Africa. and that he has some Native American ancestry. And when we look at his results here, we see, look, even Chromosome one has multiple colors. It has the red, the light blue, and a darker blue. And the darker blue there refers to Ash, Ashkenazi Jewish ancestry. And Roy knows that his father’s father was, was Jewish.>>Mm-hm.>>And so, if we go back to map view.>>Mm-hm.>>we’ll see that, about getting close to a quarter of Roy’s ancestry traces back to the Ashkenazi Jewish population. And that fits with his, one of his grandfathers being Ashkenazi Jewish. And if we look at the rest of his ancestry, almost half of this is back to sub-saharan Africa. [CROSSTALK] The red ring here, and the rest traces back to Northern Europe, specifically Britan and Ireland. Now, what is really cool is that we have these bars right here. And if we look over, if you click on a native american.>>Mm-hm.>>So those orange and deep red bars refer to parts of the genome that trace back to Native Americans. And and, intriguingly Roy King knows that on his mother’s side, he has ancestors, acreek and Chocta ancestors. So that is a showing up in his DNA. So basically you know, his understanding of where his ancestors come from really shows that very beautifully in his DNA.>>Right, he has a much more interesting genetic background than I do.>>Right.>>From many different parts of the world.>>And that is important. Even when we go to look at the health results, the health reports are all done in the context of a particular population. So, it’s very important to kind of be clear on the ancestral background of, of someone as we go to look at the other parts of their results.>>Great.

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