Beauty Secrets of Ukrainian Girls: is it in the DNA?

– Baltic! Greek! What? – I don’t believe this? – Hi everyone from Odessa! Welcome to
another video with me Conor Clyne this is the Tsar Experience and today’s video I am
really excited about because we’re gonna be exploring in this video whether that
secret to that famous Ukrainian beauty is something in the DNA that famous
Slavic beauty that you I guess a lot of you have watched on video read about in
the internet or maybe actually been here in the former Soviet Union in
particular here in Ukraine I’m speaking to you from Odessa which is
located in the south of Ukraine on the shores of the Black Sea and I’m actually
in Greek Park and this is a new park and the statue
back there where everyone’s come to try and take I guess take an Instagram photo
beside over there is Istanbul Park and that gives you an indication that this
region has had a lot of different ethnicities come here then we have Greek,
Turkish also this region Odessa has Bulgarians, Gagauz, Roma never mind all
the people who came from the other parts of the former Soviet Union so with that
said let’s get into today’s video and discover … see what … or see what we can
discover about the DNA roots of this famous beauty of the Ukrainian women
here! So to do these DNA tests, I’ve partnered up with MyHeritage DNA and in order to do these swabs you don’t have to do anything crazy like give blood or anything too dramatic you just have to basically like brushing your teeth you
basically take a little sample from the inside of the cheek and that then gets
sent off to a laboratory we take two of those just to make sure that you know
we have a second one in case something happens to the first one if
you’re also really really curious in learning about your family history
I’ve done it myself and I’ve got a special discount code for you guys it’s
TsarExperience gonna put the link below in the description to my heritage DNA All samples taken, ready to send them off so I’m super excited let’s go and find out
where these 10 Ukrainian beauties where they’re from well we know where they
were born I’ve already given you that but let’s see where their family origins are what
their ethnic mix is maybe there are some secrets to be revealed in the DNA family
ancestry of these girls I’m super excited to find out I know you guys are as
well let’s go and post these off to the laboratory in the US. So I just got some interesting and exciting news: the DNA tests they have arrived and just am on my way to pick them up right now let’s go and see what the tests all
about. 35% in East Europe 33% Balkans 27% Baltic oh my god and 3% of Finland all
my family was from Europe I feel that my parents my old old old family didn’t
travel a lot about Oh – Let’s go! – What is Toma? – Eastern European …. – Look, look, look – I could understand and Baltic 20% okay Asian! Oh that’s because of my father – Yeah, you see it goes from Turkey all the way to Georgia – Scandinavian … who knows? Evgenia is … is … is …. Really? Really? Okay. Really? okay maybe I’m coming from some kind
of travelers family I thought that I am just simply from Ukraine but it turned out to be that I am 43 percent Baltic 28% East European then 22% Balkan
tiny tiny bits Finnish and kind of Central Asian – Yes, exactly! Maybe that’s Kazakh or something like this? Balkan? What is this? okay Baltic and Irish, Scottish and Welsh. What? So having looked at the DNA results and the ethnicities of our models what can we say what can I say about the origins of
Ukrainian beauty? Now there were some big outliers …we did have some Central American DNA like that was crazy
also we had Southwest Asia and also Central Asia in a few of our models even
a tiny bit of Ashkenazi Jew as well but in general that wasn’t typical of the
results we got there was actually a pretty clear kind of trend through it
which I found very interesting because it was different to what I expected
now I had expected that most of the models would be overwhelmingly Slavic
right so they would be basically Russian, Ukrainian, Belarusian in general we see
that in the the kind of general Eastern European DNA marker for ethnicity but in
reality they were between about 30 to 80 percent of that 80 being the highest but
typically they were like 30 to 40 percent and then they were 20 to 30
percent from the Baltics which is of course means that people came from
further north to the south where they met obviously the Slavs who were there
in Ukraine and they mixed on top of that you had about twenty to thirty percent
coming from the Balkans so they were men moving to the north east and then mixing
the people have come from the further north people who are there and it’s that
kind of mix that appears to be the strongest correlation in terms of what
we found in the DNA DNA samples now of course there was others some other
things thrown in like Finnish actually came up surprisingly regularly and it
was a smaller percentage than Baltics so I guess they actually there were people
coming from further north maybe even probably via the Baltics and then down
again that was typically like 1 to 5 percent around that that was also very
interesting because I hadn’t expected to see Finnish and it came up pretty frequently
if you’re interested to find out exactly how Irish I am you can go and check my video
how Irish is Conor? Gonna link that up in a card, down below in the description
and if you’re also interested in doing your own DNA results then I encourage
you to go do it I have a special discount code TsarExperience I have the link below you get free shipping with that with myheritage
DNA I found a super fascinating for myself and obviously this video trying to
figure out the origins of Ukrainian beauty that’s the end of today’s video
до побачення! До свидания and I will see all your enthusiastic smiling faces
for Eastern Europe and traveling around this amazing region in the very next
video. Ciao!


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