Become a Better Genealogist by Reviewing What You Know

I know that you know that I know that we
know we need to be accurate that’s a lot of knowledge today we’re gonna talk
about how we know what we know when we’re researching Howdy I’m Devon Noel Lee
and this is Family History Fanatics where we teach you how to climb your
family tree and have a whole lot of fun along the way if you watched a previous
video we talked about how to become a better researcher and we do that by
writing quality research questions now what that should be your next question
and that’s what we’re going to talk about today what do we do once we have
written our quality research question in a previous video I have talked about the
power of peer review and why you should be doing it be sure to click this info
card that will flash up on your screen to go to that video or check the
description and I’ll have a link for that for you after you finish watching
this video but essentially you need to go back and peer review
the research of others or yourself To begin a peer review of yourself you have to double check the trigger
that created your research question So remember in the
previous video we talked about a simple research question when and where was
Christian born and then we beefed it up by giving specifics And we said that his trigger was
his marriage certificate and then I showed you a clue web of how I
pieced together bits of information that I knew so that Christopher Christian
Hoppe so that when I got to an answer and knew I was looking at the
right individual now it’s time to recheck my work to review what I know
how do I know that he’s the father of these children and he married
Anna Margaretha Karlsberger in Franklin County Ohio in that date well the trigger as I said before
was a marriage certificate This does say Christian Hoppe and we have have Margaret Karlsberger now the thing is Sometimes people actually prefer and use their middle name rather than their first names Thus it isn’t too strange to not see
Anna Margaretha Karlsberger instead of seeing Margaretha or a
variation of Margaret But how did I get to this marriage certificate which triggered the question
when and where was Christian born? Aha! Now I’m gonna peer-review myself Can you do that? It is important to realize that your path to get to your research question can help you in your research you need to know how you know
what you know I actually started this research project by looking at the Geisler family photo album This woman right here is Margaret,
Magdalena Margaretha Hoppe who married into the Geisler line this was her photo album And in her photo albums she had a picture of her brother Christian and her sister Anna Margaretha who is named after her mother Anna Margaretha surname Karlsberger who’d married Hoppe Whew, I hope you can keep up with that My question. My path to the question began with I know that Anna Margaretha Karlsberger is the mother of three children And those three children have two last name Hoppe So those two children are:
Christian, Marguerite and Anna that’s just from the photo album what did I come up with next in order to determine that Anna married a Christian because Christian isn’t in this photo album The father Christian, not the son
Christian Christopher Well I found a death certificate for
Magdalena Margaretta Geiszler and her maiden name is Hoppe And we figured that out because the father’s name is that Christopher Hoppe And he’s from Germany Ooh I already have an answer to my question mmm but wait a minute the mother’s name is Margaretha Culp? You guys For years I only saw this death certificate and I searched and searched and searched for a Culp and I couldn’t find one But then I went to the family photo album and saw the names written by this woman Magdalena and the names she gave her siblings and her mother There never was a Culp We have a video about
what do you trust in death records and I highly recommend that you [watch] that But we’re gonna go ahead and
make note of the fact that there was this Culp discrepancy So I had a photo album and I had a death certificate How did I get to the father and mother’s
marriage certificate Well in genealogy we always want to look
for more and more evidence And I know that there was an Anna Margaretha Hoppe who probably married somebody So if I search for the siblings maybe their death records will
give me [dates] and birth places for daddy Well I went and gathered more information On the top you see Christian Hoppe,
or Christopher Hoppe’s death register entry And below that you see Anna Margaretha the daughter of Anna Margaretha Karlsberger And Magdalena’s sister Now you know why I’m so
addicted to clue webs It just makes everything easier But in both cases we can see that there’s a Christopher Hoppe
and they married a Margaret And both the father and mother are from in Germany So I’m gonna add a little more
information to my clue web I know that there’s this strange last name Culp and it only appears on my Marguertie
(Magdalena) Geiszler’s death certificate but in the photo album the last name is Karlsberger so I’m just gonna leave it with Karlsberger there and then I know that the first name was Christopher that is the name that all three of those death records agreed with And I’m still trying to ask and answer the question Where was he born and when but I have a clue He was born somewhere in Germany So I can’t look for a Christopher Hoppe who was born in New York that’s not gonna be the right guy because all three records say that he’s from Germany so chances are my guy was born in Germany I just need to figure out where and when So now that I’m armed
with the information that these three children died in Franklin County, Ohio I went in search for a record that has Margaretha Karlsberger,
some kind of Christian Hoppe or Hoppa and a marriage in Franklin County it’s likely they married in Franklin County but it’s not always accurate It’s always gonna take that place but I’m gonna start Franklin County because you start the most
logical place first and then look for other places It just so happens I came
across a Christian Hoppa with a Marguerite Karlsberger (The record I showed you earlier)
And it fits! The marriage certificate happens just a year before Christian the older brother was born So things are looking very very good So I’m going to take the information that I’ve discovered and I’m gonna put it on my clue web I put the marriage date and place on this record and I go ahead and change Christian Christopher Hoppe and
put it all together for one place And I still want to know
when and where was he born In addition to this clue web of reviewing how I know what I know I could add some
additional information I have for Magdalena Marguerita Geizsler
and her siblings to make sure we’re in the right direction But I don’t need to just yet because maybe I’m gonna find that as I do more research Because I started with the photo album the Geiszler,
my great-great grandmother’s death certificate and then I also went ahead and looked for her siblings death
certificates and now I can start looking for additional records to try to answer the question when and where was Christian born I hope that I can point out
a couple of things with this process It is entirely possible the answer to
your question is in the records that you already have in your possession that you’ve already looked at that you’ve already gathered and you just didn’t
notice the first time around so always review how you know what you know when you created your research question because it’s possible that it’s in your
home In fact I have a girlfriend she and I were working on any question
about her ancestor And we looked and we looked and we looked and we were striking out everywhere A couple years later she sent me an email and said oh, you know that relative that we were working on and we couldn’t find the answer to I have a handwritten letter from her that gave me all the answers we need and it’s been in my house for 25 years but it was tucked up in the attic somewhere and I hadn’t been in that box for that long So always review what you know before you
start looking for new documents to answer the questions that you come up
with Additionally as you’re reviewing what you know you’re gonna create a mental clue webs
or actual drawn-out clue webs like I do
that will help you know you’ve reached your answer once you get there But I need to also stress the importance
of keeping your research organized As you saw I like to use clue webs In addition I use RootsMagic
I use Ancestry I have family trees
I use FamilySearch Family Trees as well as other online tree resources you’ve got to find a way to keep your research organized And may I stress from this point forward you always do it digitally Yeah, that’s a point for another video. But keep your research organized and do it digitally So here’s my question of the day When have you overlooked details
that would have answered your research questions if you had taken the time to
review what you knew at the onset I’m Devon Noel Lee and this is Family History Fanatics if you find our content useful please hit the
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