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Who are you? Everyone thinks they know
who they are – Scots Irish, African Or maybe Native American. The genealogy can only get you back so
Far. you can research records, maybe learn
more about who your family is And where they all came from, but if you’re lucky the paper trail goes
back maybe a couple of hundred years. Then, the trail goes cold. But the human lineages back around two
hundred thousand years to one person on your mother’s side and also the one
person on your father’s side that we’re all related to. How can you get there? The
answer is — you can’t unless you look at your DNA. your DNA contains a roadmap all the
way back through time to those common ancestors. It’s as if they were dropping bread crumbs
on your DNA to let you find your way back home. Your own DNA tells an incredible
story of how your ancestors embarked on an epic journey that populated the earth, so how can you see your DNA and discover
your own family saga. It sounds complicated but it’s actually
pretty straightforward. About seven years ago, National Geographic started
something called The Genographic Project. Our mission is to look at the DNA of as
many people as possible from around the world to solve the riddle of who we are and how we are all related to each
other. So far more than half a million people have participated, and you can too. Your Genographic kit explains
it all and it also comes with a little brush called a swab. All you need to do
is brush the inside your mouth. This collects some cells from inside your
Cheek, and those cells contain DNA. Send the swab back to us, and a few weeks later
you’ll get the answers on our website Like what genetic linage you belong to,
where your ancestors originated, and where they went. The amazing story of your ancient
family line it will even tell you what fraction of your DNA is from what
part of the world – European, African, Asian, Australian
Native American and so on. We’ll even be able to tell you what
percent Neanderthal you are the answers might really surprise you and
I’ll bet they make you think a little differently about who you are, where you
came from, and how you’re related to everyone else in the world. Welcome to the journey of a lifetime, of
billions of lifetimes, the human journey.


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