Biology, B.S. at Crown College

(lively, upbeat music) – I think there are three areas in our program that really stand out. One area is that we really
work on advancing science. This is one of our goals. So to do that we have
an incredible faculty. We cover things from cell
and molecular biology, genetics, clear up to field
and laboratory courses. We have lab experiences with
almost all of our classes. And we also have field experiences
with many of our classes. So we have a beautiful
campus, some 200 acres. So we don’t have to go
anywhere for field trips. Our campus is our field trip. So a second aspect of our program that I think really stands out is our desire to really develop minds. We have faculty with a large
number of research interests. Often on a one-on-one basis
they’ll work with students, so the student gets the benefit
of a mentoring relationship working with that faculty member. And I think a third area that really helps our program stand out, and maybe even more so than the first two, is that we want to serve
Christ in all that we do. We know there’s colleges that
do the first two pretty well. They help develop minds,
they can advance science. And we do that too, but we do all three. And you know what? I think we do them all really well. And that’s really what
sets our program apart.

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