Blake Shelton Rhymes His Way Through Day 10 of 12 Days!

We’re back with former Sexiest
Man Alive, Blake Shelton. Blake, what are your– Woo! What are your plans
for the holidays? Well, we’re going to spend it
here in lovely Los Angeles. Uh-huh. Would you like to,
right now, help me with 12 Days of Giveaways? Yes! [CHEERING, APPLAUDING] (SINGING) It’s the most
wonderful time of the year. Ding dong, ding, dong. With the kids jingle belling
and everyone telling you be of good cheer. It’s the most wonderful
time of the year. It’s the hap, happiest
season of all. Ding dong, ding dong. With those holiday greetings. [CHEERING, APPLAUDING] Day 10 is all about gifts
for the whole family. And Blake, since you’re
such an amazing songwriter, I want you to rhyme
with whatever I say. OK. I’ll do my best. Here we go. OK, let’s try this one first. Even though I don’t have kids,
I love this gift so much. I totally agree, Ellen. I like them a whole bunch. Oh, that was great, Blake. Now tell us about
the first gift. The LEGO Group and your
friend, Mark Ronson, have launched a
campaign to help kids grow in their problem
solving skills called Rebuild the World. They want people of all
ages to join the challenge and get creative. Along with three
LEGO sets, you’re all getting a $350
Walmart gift card! [CHEERING, APPLAUDING] Oh! [CHEERING, APPLAUDING] OK. Blake, before I
have you rhyme, I want to tell you I have
my very own ED Lighting Collection with
Generation Lighting, so you’ve got to turn this– that’s your turn, and I
want you to do this great because it’s my line. [LAUGHING] Is it my turn to talk? Yeah. We have styles to fit every
space, just so you know that. OK. It’ll put a smile on your face. Oh, good. That rhymed with space. [LAUGHING] I mean, it’s not going to
win a Grammy, but it’s good. Go. [LAUGHING] All right, you can shop my
Generation Lighting line with a $250 Home
Depot gift card! [CHEERING, APPLAUDING] Oh! [CHEERING, APPLAUDING] This next gift is
for the kitchen. [CHEERING] Now I’ve got a
rhyme with kitchen. Uh-huh. [LAUGHING] You asked for it, Ellen. Give me that line again. Here we go. All right. This next gift is
for the kitchen. And this gift is
totally bitchin’! [CHEERING, APPLAUDING] You did it! Now. Wonderful. Now tell us about it. The KitchenAid Tilt-Head Stand
Mixer is an icon in the home. It comes with more than
40 different colors, making each kitchen
uniquely, truly different. I made that up. You can customize each mixer
with ceramic bowls that have unique patterns and textures. Worth $500, you’re all getting
this KitchenAid mixer set! [CHEERING, APPLAUDING] Whoa! [CHEERING, APPLAUDING] That’s good. [CHEERING, APPLAUDING] And now, here is a gift for
the dogs in your family. [CHEERING, APPLAUDING] Oh. OK. This is a gift for your
dogs in your family. Something, something,
something, manly. [CHEERING, APPLAUDING] How was that? That was– I’m up for a Grammy. That was– I am up for a Grammy. Yeah. They’re rethinking
that right now. [LAUGHING] Go ahead. Let’s just talk about
this gift developed by veterinarians, dog DNA kits. You can find out where your
dog comes from with a DNA kit. It’s information about
breed, ancestry, and health with simple cheek swabs. They test for over 200
breeds and 170 genetic health conditions, revealing
their family tree. Your dog just took a DNA test. Turns out they’re
100% that bitch. Ah! [CHEERING, APPLAUDING] Get Embark’s DNA for your dogs
with this $500 Visa gift card! [CHEERING, APPLAUDING] OK, Blake. That was great. OK. That was great. How do you feel about that one? That’s awesome. Good. OK. Thank you. Here’s our last rhyme. Ready? This 12 Days has
been pretty swell. Now let’s all send
them all to a hotel! [CHEERING, APPLAUDING] I love that idea. Tell them where they’re going. Wyndham Rewards makes
it easy to vacation where and how you want
with tens of thousands of hotels, vacation club
resorts, and vacation rentals worldwide. Named one of the best
rewards programs in travel, you can join for free online and
start planning your next trip. You’re all getting two
free nights at any Wyndham around the world! [CHEERING, APPLAUDING] (SINGING) It’s the most
wonderful time of the year. With the kids jingle
belling and everyone– Your Day 10 gifts are
worth over $3,000. We’ll be back! [CHEERING, APPLAUDING] (SINGING) It’s the most
wonderful time of the year. [CHEERING, APPLAUDING] Hi, I’m Andy. Ellen asked me to remind you
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