Booba – Biology cabinet – Episode 6 – Cartoon for kids

[ding] [shaking][bird chirping][thuds][groaning]♪ [upbeat music] ♪ [rolling]
[groaning] [bouncing] [thud] [moan] [cries of excitement][gasp]Oh! [screeching] [struggling]
[breathing heavily] [scream] [thud] [groan] Hmm… [lick] [lick]
[gasp of pleasure] ♪ [can-can music] ♪
[licking] ♪ [can-can music] ♪
[licking] ♪ [can-can music] ♪
[gasp of pleasure] [muffled sounds] [hiccup] [muffled sounds] [hiccup] [cough] [coughing] [gasp of excitement] [struggling] [struggling] [scream] [clank] [groan] [gasp of excitement] ♪ [peaceful music] ♪ Eh? ♪ [peaceful music] ♪ ♪ [club music] ♪ ♪ [muffled club music] ♪
[cries of surprise] ♪ [muffled club music] ♪ Eh? Hmm… [shaking]
[buzzing] ♪ [triumphant music] ♪ [Booba making lightsaber sounds] [sound of surprise]
[sniffing] [gasps] [cry of excitement] [buzzing] [cry of fear] ♪ [“Under the Sea”
from “The Little Mermaid”] ♪ [scream] ♪ [“Under the Sea”
from “The Little Mermaid”] ♪ [squeaking] Oh! [gasp]
[slap] [clank] [struggling] [thud] [growl] ♪ [scary music] ♪ [scream] [grunting] [abrupt sound]
[scream] [shaking] [thud] [struggling][struggling]♪ [Beethoven, “The Destiny Symphony”] ♪ ♪ [cheerful music] ♪ [breaking] ♪ [cheerful music] ♪ ♪ [cheerful music] ♪
[Booba humming] ♪ [cheerful music] ♪
[Booba humming]

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