Box of Islam by Hamed Abdel Samad (English) – The Genealogy of Mohammad – Ep 09 – (1-2)

Welcome to the ninth episode of the “Box of Islam” series. Today, the box contains something that’s worrying to some extent. and I admit to you before hand, that the topic is delicate and uncomfortable. We’ll talk today about the issues regarding the lineage of Mohammad I’d like to say right in the beginning of this episode that none of my goals for this episode is to slander Mohammad’s lineage at all or anything that has to do with him for that matter just for personal reasons as I personally don’t believe that he received divine revelation from the Heavens or that he was a prophet sent from God. So I don’t need no more evidence and proofs [for that point]. I don’t need to insult him on a personal level because as we said before a lot of the info that made its way to us is not authenticated and we can’t tell for sure who he really is However, I must handle this issue of the lineage from a psychological perspective. because I want to know whether these issues had any effect on his preaching or movement. Were certain reactions of him [documented in the biographies] due to… … the act of some people in Qoraysh … … who cast doubts about his lineage? Just like some pieces of Hadith that explain that to us. and just like some Koran verses sometimes give us some sort of a vague hint and I’m totally sure that a lot of unsavory stuff have been purged from the biographies that were related to this issue. As we said in the last episode, that the first biography was written during the Abbasids tenure and their whole legitimacy was based solely on their descent from Mohammad and for the latter, from Qoraysh. So, they for sure must have deleted anything that might have suggested otherwise. However, they left a few details that offer us a hint or glimpse into that and enough to drive us skeptic about the official Islamic story of lineage, that they’d like us to believe to be perfect For example, we see extreme exaggeration when it comes to mentioning the honor and chastity of Mohammed’s female ancestors In the Aleppoan Biography, we’d find that they researched his lineage till they reached the female ancestor number 500. Take notice of the number 500 because we are going to use the calculator afterwards to verify this. So, they researched and they didn’t find any female ancestors whether on the mother or the father side that was a prostitute. Well, let your conscience be the judge here and even by logic, for someone living in in the 8th or 9th century, how could they managed to track those 500 female ancestors?! How could they had access to their bedrooms or private lives?!! How could they know whom they slept with and whom they didn’t?!! What scientific methods did they employ to determine that they were chaste and virtuous? What was this exaggeration for? Can you imagine what 500 female ancestors would mean in years terms? It means that you’d have to go back in time for at least 10,000 – 15,000 years i.e. the period where there’s no recorded history of in the first place. and even there weren’t supposed to be humans at that time according to the widely held belief that life on Earth started some 6,000 years ago. What’s the reason behind this exaggerated claim? It’s always the case in psychology that exaggeration masks weakness and that if someone exaggerates about a definite thing, know very well that he must be having a problem with that thing. In other words, when someone tells you something like “By the way, I am very happy” “I don’t have any problems” 10 minutes later “I am one of those very happy people” know then that he has a problem and he can’t be happy or anything of that sort. The one who exaggerates about something like this, and tries to accentuate it this much know that he has a problem and he hides something that’s making him restless and he always has this obsession to defend his position. We will notice this a lot when Mohammed was talking about his descent from Qoraysh. The level of exaggeration was unbelievable! For example “Allah had chosen Kenana people out of all Adam’s offspring … … and then had chosen Qoraysh out of all Arabian tribes … … and then had chosen Clan of Hashem out of all Qoraysh … … and finally had chosen me out of all Clan of Hashem” In essence, he was like saying “I’m the real deal” well, sorry Mohammad , weren’t those the same Qoraysh who were giving you a hard time,? Weren’t those the same ones who have been fighting you? Weren’t those actually idolaters? Was Qosay, your ancestor, a monotheist and an Allah worshiper … … or just one of those people who’d rotate around the Kaaba and offer sacrifices to the pagan gods? The practice even persisted to your grand father Abdel Mottaleb, Mohammad. Didn’t he offer sacrifices in the Kaaba? and according to some accounts in Islamic biographies, he even wanted to offer his own son Abdulla as a human sacrifice to the pagan gods. Was this so divine or monotheistic that we should take pride in? Weren’t you fighting these same people because they were non believers? How come you tell us that Our Lord had chosen them? So, you’re saying that Our Lord had chosen them and then left them as infidels. how come?! So, that’s the first point. Second, it probably was the first point that caught my attention in the issue of the lineages. It’s this point or lapse that flew under the radar of Ibn Is’haq and that rarely happened because Ibn Hesham essentially redacted Ibn Is’haq’s biography and purged all the details that could prove offensive to the Prophet. Like any poetry that slandered his lineage or accused him of lying, all was cleared. except for one thing that I tracked for some time, I concluded that there’s really a problem in Mohammad’s lineage. Mohammed had a cousin called “Abu Sofyan”, not to be mistaken with “Abu Sofyan ibn Harb” of the Ommyads. To be more specific, we’re talking about “Abu Sofyan ibn al-Hareth ibn Abdel Mottaleb” which makes him a cousin of Mohammad. That guy had any mentions either in the biographies of Mohammad even though it was well known that and as per their writings themselves that he was born the same year in which Mohammad was born and had approximately the same age. They’d play together when they were kids. He had not been seen or heard of ever since except two days before the Conquest of Mecca by Mohammad as the latter was camping in a place near Medina and was about to head to Mecca for the conquest. What happened was that a lot of people from Qoraysh decided to flee Mecca because they expected that Mohammad would slaughter them and some decided instead to convert to Islam to avoid conflict and Mohammed’s aggression. Surely, his cousin didn’t believe in his prophecy and he was an articulate poet as per the books’ accounts. He was an eloquent poet and he targeted Mohammad with his poems of which we have now none. They all have been removed. What would those poems be like? What would those insulting poems to Mohammed be like? What we already know is that when someone produced poetry that got Mohammad upset, he had two methods to deal with it. If the offending party was one of the riffraff who wielded no power, army or tribe to run for his rescue, he’d send someone to finish him! just like what happened to Kaab ibn al-Ashraf and Ibn Khatal who had him killed in the Conquest of Mecca and Aasmaa bent Marwan, the poetess and that concubine of Ibn Khatal too who would sing poetry that satirized Mohammed. Well, for those people who were insulting him like his uncle Abdel Ozza who Mohammed nicknamed “Abu Lahab” (Father of Flames), he would pull up a verse of the Koran to return the insult. he would pull up a verse of the Koran to return the insult. As if Our Lord were up there on top of the Seventh Heaven taking care of all the beings and the whole worlds and suddenly left all of this and diverted his attention to Mecca and then he saw what Abu Lahab and his wife said about Mohammad then he became fully alert and ready to fire back and deliver some Koran verses. He was like in a shouting and trash talking contest on the street with Abu Lahab and his wife “Hey you wood porter!”
(Think trashy cat fights on cheap American reality TV shows) (( May the hands of Abu Lahab be ruined, and ruined is he.)) [111:1] This means that Our Lord stooped intellectually to the level of humans and he entered into a shouting contest with them and to insult them back for their insults to Mohammad. Another incident but this time with al-Walid ibn al-Moghira who said something about Mohammed that we don’t know yet what he said exactly but the Koran rebutted anyway What did it say, you’d say? ((Cruel, after all, that base-born)) [68:13] Base-born (Zanim in Classical Arabic) is an insult so severe What does Zanim زنيم mean? If you consult the exegesis books, you’d find this definition “the one who hangs out with certain people that he doesn’t belong to” in books like Ibn Kathir’s and al-Jalalayn “the one who hangs out with certain people that he doesn’t belong to” In plain English, he’s a bastard child! To explain it further, this is like saying that he belongs to tribe X but in fact he is not. A bastard child who might have been a Mawla and they later adopted him or it could be that he was a slave who was later freed and then married into the tribe and thus became one of them or it could be that he was a total stranger who asked for their affiliation. There were numerous ways in the past to be affiliated with Arabian tribes So, it could be that they granted him “asylum” and then considered later to be one of them But when the Koran insults someone and calls him a bastard child, can you imagine that? Just take the time to contemplate this and excuse my foul language, can you imagine Our Lord who created all humans … … stoops to the level of humans … … and say to one of them “You son of a bitch!” Excuse my language again, I’m sorry. I just want to point out how the Koran sometimes uses terms that are purely human and anything but divine and this stuff would be way below any other deity. Would it even be possible that any deity could stoop this low … … to shame people of their family members’ sex life and lineage? This is a human-like behavior that resembles a feud. It’s very likely … It’s very likely … that al-Walid ibn al-Moghira accused Mohammed and insinuated that he was a bastard child and that prompted Mohammad to counter with a similar charge. “You Mohammad are not originally from the Clan of Hashem, you’re an affiliate”
Al-Walid said along these lines Then the Koran counters with “You al-Walid are the Zanim” You’re the one who is of unknown origin i.e. a bastard child. For those of you who know Hebrew, The word “Zanim زنيم” it’s the same as “Zonem” in Hebrew which means an illegitimate child or the one who fornicates much


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