Welcome to the Turnstone Global’s Audio-Digital Braille Library – an innovative literacy development ICT project for the welfare of blind students in collaboration with state-owned Calcutta University at its central facility, at Kolkata, India. With a huge stock of more than 12000 Braille books, more than 500 CDs and DVDs, this library facility has been helping blind student access educational resources in a flexible format and carry it along with them in storage devices, while always being on the go. Softwares enable smart screen-reading and page-set up functionalities. The trained staff not only performs the tedious task of converting the books to a audio-digital format that is of much help than the conventional Braille books, but also helps them through assistance, instruction and other pedagogical support in referring to books and other braille items, available at the library. Students are trained to use software such as, Amis, Jaws and Daisy, which are tactile and convertible softwares for screen-reading and talking and easy referencing. Towards the concluding part of the video, here, a senior staff of the library is mentioning all the above, i.e., about the range of services available at the unique and first of its kind audio-digital library in eastern India, fully based on ICT, for the education and welfare of blind students. Developed on digital services, mostly for converting the content into an acceptable audio-digital braille format, the staff perform this in a modern sound-proof audio-digital recording studio at the library. Additionally, Turnstone Global also has a Braille printer for additional help and assistance of the students. Performance of such scale of humanitarian task requires more assistance, support and collaboration for scaling-up and upgradation of services by Turnstone Global to serve the needy. Our secretary, Dr. Kanchan Gaba, through this video, makes an appeal to other compassionate organisations to take a look at our ICT -based Braille Library Project and take the message across all quarters for more active sharing, learning and collaboration in the near future. For any further queries, please reach us at – or drop an email at – [email protected]

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