Brainetics Family Tree: The Battaglias | Mike Byster | Brainetics

Becky Battaglias is a single mother of four,
her two daughters Jessi and Brittany took the 21 day brainetics challenge.
Becky Battaglias: Jessie is the 12 year old and she, she’s been struggling at school,
we had her tested and she actually has ADHD Jessie: School can be a big part of your life,
it’s hard Becky Battaglias: With Brittany, she does
very well in most of her subjects, but she really has to work at it
Brittany: Sometimes I don’t feel smart enough because I don’t get it as fast as other things
Becky Battaglias: As a parent, you just want to give them the best kind of help in life,
so it is really a helpless feeling when you feel like you’ve tried everything
As soon as they began working with Brainetics, the dread associated with learning math began
to dissolve. Brittany: Okay, so chapter 1 we’ve just started
and we did a kind of a warm up and we did magic squares. After that I was like this
is kind of cool, maybe there all be tricks like this and then once we started getting
in 2 digits multiplication, and 3 digit multiplication, and like all that stuff, I was like actually
Math stuff that like helped you Jessie: Hi, this is the end of week 2, where
I just finished learning was 3 digit multiplication and I thought that helped me a lot
Brittany: This is pretty much the end of the whole tape and I’m really excited because
I just accomplished something Just 3 weeks after they began, the change
was inspiring. Brittany was feeling more confident with Math and well on her way getting into
a great university. And Jessie was finally finding herself engaged in things that she
couldn’t before because of her trouble with ADHD. Using the techniques found in Mike Byster’s
Brainetics program, they were able to look at Math in a whole new way.
Brittany: I was really surprised that I liked it, I mean Math isn’t my favorite subject,
so I wasn’t expecting it to be like super fun
Jessie: Really amazing that I can do so much more than I could do last year or before that,
I thought I was awesome

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