Breaking Down Ancestry – Highlights

They’re twins. And if you look at them though,
they really, they look – they do, if you get – if you get past
– if you just look at their facial features, they do look
almost identical, right? So this is the thing,
one little twist. One little twist in their genetic admixture. This is the number one cosmetic product in
the world, by the way. Skin whitening cream. And they all have names like,
“White Perfect” and stuff. Because we know white people are perfect. Do you know how many people around the world
and look at you and look at your skin and are just like, “Oh my God… If I only had her skin, or if I only had her
hair, if I only had… It’s like, if we keep doing that to ourselves,
we’re just-we’re just wickedly unhappy our whole lives. Doesn’t matter if we’re men or women. You know what I mean? Doesn’t matter. All these features are, your lips, your eyes. Your nose, your lips, your eyes, mine, etc. All they are is a sum summary of the evolutionary
process that our ancestors went through.

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