Can Ancestry Tests Bring you Closer to Your Family?

The holidays is meant to bring families together You’re, gonna see relatives maybe you haven’t seen in months in some cases even years it can, be a great time But as we alluded to even yesterday can, also be stressful you? Want to know if you’re really related to that irritating cousin or a quirky great-aunt Well you know, we often, do we’re? Like, wait a minute how are, we related Yeah, people are testing their, dna they’re looking back at multiple generations They’re, trying to figure out who’s really their ancestor and maybe who’s not? You, never know so i put it to the test so i donated my Dna, yes and i had i had a pretty good idea of where my people were from eastern europe poland Ukraine, and that was true but i came up with, some interesting surprises so 58% of my ancestors or my genetic pool, my, dna pools traced back to poland and the ukraine 11.9% from finland and russia so still the same neck of the woods but this is a little where the the curveball is Southern, asia so maybe So really really cool, and they they go back as far as 10 to 12 generations to find out Where your people came from and i loved it something i’ve always wanted to do so so what about you in the audience Where your ancestors come from, well you’re all going home with the world’s most detailed three and one living We’re doing a, book with. Your own muzo if you can, keep on the coffee table or whatever


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