Catherine and Thunderbrand | Fire Emblem: Three Houses Ep.11 (First Playthrough/Blind/Let’s Play)

oh hi and welcome my name’s and you run
our career back to let’s play if I am eleven three houses it’s getting dark I
should finish exploring yeah and also his um in the last episode we did some a
lot of supports and that’s what we’re gonna do in this part as well yeah like
I think to only or free maybe I don’t know looks like – oh yeah I also found
the last items and yeah the owner of the last items
hey now so this is yeah okay well I’m in the room
um the map belonged to her Leone and did the coat belonged to where was he Kuzma
hospital and yeah um before we enter part and day let’s do some supports
because yeah totally doesn’t take like 20 minutes hopefully this time so yeah
let’s do this mercy on me finish camera click you must do nothing are you okay so okay sorry coming in order to you bring Kawada
dagger further Ottawa what dr. Bates mother the scar all coming on you then you
attend no commune Geneva Chino coming seneschal teenage Excel coming in you mean will come you much wrong whenever
here to religious people talk like that why not religious I mean she’s religious
but oh you believe in a different God please tell me more
no that’s not gonna happen real life the scurvy to you know what shoot I know you’re a
no-good unit estate our curricular journey
now the continuity I am Anita oh yeah always have a friend who knows
more about you than you like to all right did I say this all right and Entei
its will end today sweet ham do you want to proceed
yeah time to study the motivation of all of my characters are high except Felix I
think okay group task I don’t know Ingrid of course my sealers maybe oh and
let’s see what you can all Dmitry I have some woods no wait wrong I have
something I’ve stopped boots yeah so I might as well I want her to do stuff
there she’s gonna get this in this one activity so let’s do something else there we go now see nice you’re right doc it’s now D plus okay
who else mmm who needs something desperately
maybe her she’s not learning this one anymore
– where I want to do that do we always get a bonus if you do that okay just wanted to check okay
you’re right top okay who else oh who is not that good but many things
you you still have D and some things right skip you see and then maybe I
don’t know this cause Professor X pcs probably wasting so many things what
would i watch hmm I haven’t equipped him with an X I
think need to change that hmm she only s e+
in force let’s try and give him like heavy
armored skull meet each other there you go good job then it just instantly goes
back angry face to go I gave him some gauntlets hopefully it’s really good alright then let’s continue what axes he
needs more hit with an axe I guess like it’s like X prowess and we can get more
hit I guess alright did you get all that
all right and listen don’t dismiss what since I was a boy but I still have a lot
to learn before I can call a massacre ask you to help me temper my sports
goals burn em products yes yes hey x4 has been changed
alright usually have to do that that’s hot
come on 12 you died already lend me your power
what with your power to clean this horse you should get riding up now right geez now we only need a horse here we go physic awesome alright one more free day
and then we’ll have to continue fighting go to a battle but yeah I guess I’ve
gotta go and motor parts ok I guess I’m gonna go and do exploring again should I
do a seminar that’s not that good only like 3 or 4 people hello let’s do some
exploration I mean we’re gonna get a battle next time so yeah alright should
also get a level up after this so a professor level up which should probably
be good right no one wants to talk anyway if I eat something with someone
then I also get motivation back so there’s actually no reason to do rests I
guess unless it’s completely we call us everyone at for giving my hardest speed
cut there we go better or develop d+ you have no more
activity points for exploration if monthly funds for activities sucks
today and it doesn’t fill up like I was full
and then I got like one more point but it’s still empty that kind of sucked
okay wait I have I have boots I should give them to engage this time where she it doesn’t look like as if the things
respawn or something it’s because it’s still the same month oh yeah that’s
that’s probably why they are no conversation I’m gonna go up there come
on she’s not even there Ingrid where I got some boots where’s she yeah now let’s ash where’s she she’s a blue dot on the map
right I guess this day is gonna be over a little bit fast as usual good that is
nice we trigger like a million more supports that’s not something for you
oh hello did I get those things from motivation increase what do you have
here but also like flowers well they do like likes flowers I don’t know just
give something to a ladies I guess oh yeah I don’t know she’s so cute I have
to give her some flowers I think there we go
and how did I get did I get a support with no Widow okay dang it we should actually do some X dreads like
to learn stuff was actually good at I do some gardening
right house yet only that you don’t okay I should give that to people who don’t
have motivation it might be an idea who doesn’t have motivation in great you do
you like flowers right crazy you see doesn’t he like gardening and
flowers let’s give that one rose to to her again don’t you join my team please
I don’t know if you lost items all right okay and English wait and yet is almost empty almost full
dang it don’t make me waste it now whatever let’s give her let’s give
her motivation I think we have see what have we go now you know are you doing
just now hey kids Anita Matos even ARIMA Sin Cara
JMO JMO email take a designer yeah no mere Arriba kokoro no McGarrett
Oh enemas whoo yo na mano subin’s ricotta cassava kenya kannada eponymous I unit 50 type history era so comedy use
could a very much and está sólo Tommy Kenya Co Coco Rocha Quijote Jimmy we
each got a radius of the family names yoga Java sorry mother is math mom any
socio unique animal today hmm sounds like a ricotta yo Chuck
Yeager’s Gotama why doesn’t your mother’s Gio more your sustainer you’re
new so that the degree master what was it you threw out anyway thoughts yeah we’re gonna tell you
anymore karate master not Ibaka no kini so girls – tomorrow – oh my god – it is
there Oh what does he mean Annika who yo
estaba ma sucah matasaburo Felix tournament amused and ever know
particularly no sorrow sorrow mother a man sorting out the sake no he must know
that says sorry de la Mota alright okay I guess we should do some I
know what they’re called those things because goals
I mean motivation is not gonna be that important right now I guess because I
think barrels also further motivation right so let’s go and do some of those
instructions facility training now I can train myself okay yeah yeah that’s right Bank Boston what do I need that’s how I
can only train myself what am i doing I don’t need to try myself and I might as
well can get some news on Optus why do you f I was up third thing it
okay Felix and Sylvain I think needed something why are they sylvain and Felix come on Felix answer
light the only ones who don’t have motivation so let’s do this I always pick favorites there’s some
reason and it’s a part of course uh-huh Felix
it supports Paul I don’t need to talk to you right now
start with some other people hmm what do I get out really good poems with I guess the more I go down better it is
for some people right how about her and maybe her
what master okay all right I guess that never is going to work remote like erode
up and clout oh I can’t eat with people that I okay
the inner guard and clouds here – no doesn’t look like it you are in yellow red someone else home
red I guess you will maybe make friends with some of the other students I guess what’s the red for experience what’s at
your favorite well I think I write I want to stay with like my own class I’m
gonna play the other routes as well someday so yeah cause I’m gonna
experience those people as well okay I don’t want to talk with Felix because
it’s Bing is full so ya have up your ways so I guess we’re gonna go to the
next battle because we did everything here can’t go fishing they’re probably
like blue spots blue sparkles hidden somewhere but yeah I’m not gonna walk
around now and look for them didn’t even found Amy last time so yeah just
continue and to the next story battle attack the first you know how Felix is
doing go for visits no not now mission mark plays certifications
awesome so yeah x2 mission then I think we are all equipped weapon wise right so
mission the Metroid ambush suggested levels 5 I already did this one that was
six okay I think I’m a little bitch is strong by our to knows your house must
help keep the Knights who say suppress Lord or NATO’s rebellion at castle
Gaspard though you are told not to expect combat the deep pocket magnet was
said way sets you ill at ease I bought a torch so yeah I am all set for that I
actually bought a torch because I think I heard something about like yeah that’s
gonna be fog I came prepared the market ambushed white cloud chapter 3 mutiny in
the actually the troll or not no I’m like vaguely remember something hmm
part of it because that’s apartments he doesn’t they do talked about that I know so Nagi can you Caillou staccato Jordan
is showcase hmm judge execute criminals let’s go got some fresh new classes to
test out yeah all right
you can bring everyone awesome and she’s over yeah please don’t tell me she’s a
green yo net oh god she’s gonna take away all of my kids right
Jesus what Master that does like 37 damage yeah she’s gonna destroy
everything he’s 5% but no pattern is sign of
overturned when using a support when using a swatch J’s Ivan able to lose
this battle then please tell us well so ready big all right um Jen let’s go and
do some preparations you’re gonna be over here you gonna be over here I need
to give someone a torch I have one torch thankfully let’s give it to the ambrosia
it depends by one American if that thing goes Hammond and me okay that’s good okay all right it sounds like a terrible idea
where’s with Big Fork yours will only be able to see enemies
that are close by cautions angled open will be cut short if it’s interrupted by
an enemy we’re gonna reward your allies do not suffer heavy losses be careful
not to let your allies flee no trees have to protect you okay I am gonna equip training squads
and use a torch oh oh that kept a lot I think okay
as an ex-fighter but you ever SWAT you became stronger
without looking if you were being a force that kind of sucks but yeah try
equipping some iron gauntlets know where you’re going yeah rarely him up my
majors should be over there so I have to make sure they don’t die as well right
kind of sucks I really don’t like anti doubles awesome after Helio like every turn right and
I’m a little bit too prepared yeah she’s gonna destroy everything I’m
down walking forward are you kidding me okay that long I may be done now when you
said to that okay wind oh that’s killed seven immediately what
is happening with my head and why are we so strong like les better
everything was like kicking our butt now we are so strong if this is Jenny’s HP plus five
dang it Oh magic why didn’t you say anything
don’t-ee you really say something I already moved Oh over there me stupid
I should have attacked this guy what like what am i doing probably attack
this guy cause he’s on a choice or maybe it doesn’t matter maybe I was not
supposed to class change already oh yeah okay we have physic right I just hear
them who knows what’s going to happen probably a waste but still we need
experience right all right okay
Oh where’d you come from ah why are we so strong I mean yeah
everyone got like one or two levels but well that may be yeah look at that oh really I’m gonna take away my kills great my love and I love it when people
take away my curls it’s awesome yeah I’ll heal your strap it doesn’t look too
out so yeah I’m just gonna go out and do some stuff you have like one Iren bow left or
something iron ball broke a blacksmith can surely fix it up ah
okay so I don’t have to buy one a new one oh no not that how are you getting
doubled oh really you do for damage there we go my characters look a lot more serious
now Oh God maybe I should not get so fast into the battle yes what okay you’re going there should be fine
but at home off you guys realize oh here’s the tag pissed jeez it’s awesome
I never take away so many coats so much experience what how I have to hear them
it’s gonna die I got a reward if they survive so yeah I
actually want to do that what a part just don’t go too far away
jeez just water unlimited uses don’t start killing so dang it oh my god why can’t you dodge like 70
none of you dodged something yeah physic you don’t die seriously I want a reward
I don’t know what it is but still can’t reach any of those cause ya sound like a
dark match somewhere I don’t like that oh yeah we can name up and someone pick
up the kill I guess now that’s another one of those so many people maybe I
should be a lot more careful yeah no that’s like a guy in here right I’m gonna kill don’t strike too far the
NPC’s kill them nothing it this guy so that’s wrong now I think I need to use one more touch okay defense
seven it’s not good IRA nice place and I’ve loved defense
please put you in kind of a open space all good ha okay you’ll steer with him I guess ha that’s crazy and it’s legitimately a little bit crazy warm alright
this guy doesn’t move right so it’s fine and we are not in danger good get
completar can you kill this guy please nope all right Eddie hit this guy well that kind of sucks thank goodness
that guy’s not going after on it it’s kind of stupid on this side you ask me okay didn’t even take care of this guy
and she kinda is not Burt and those guys cannot hit they can’t hit okay I’m not
doing it I can’t mini ball that’s right good job okay guess I have to use you everyone else can’t hit anything stuff
is in a forest and you got HP plus five awesome
or you can finally go and change your class as well oh okay um I hit you I can reach one I kind of want to take help you but of
course I could not do that hmm well this guy’s not in like she is white
this guy’s not in reach of everyone and doesn’t move and looks a bit so yeah I’m
just gonna wait there I’ll let him wait there rather hmm you attack him without empty it’s both of them just hope
they’re not too many people up there it’s pro like a ton of people right it’s
waiting to pick up those guys there we go
level six okay sometimes sounds like people saying something and sometimes
they’re not that’s weird okay I want to pick up this
guy but I can’t reach him and I swear to God if she’s going after him okay come on she should survive Justin why
Finny incoming attack oh oh particulate form if you’re going to kill
this guy I swear to God now you move are you kidding me boy what the heck
how am I supposed to okay she doesn’t move all right I like that are you enough for us of course come on
once yep it was ah Oh get this time there we go rock soup that’s a sort of dark my train
fare since for us being caused by magic all right Oh God there’s something really big coming up
right okay all right
how please am I supposed to let her kill him cause he looks strong yes hey
where’s my objective right away with the enemy command all right someone go up
there and kill this guy please okay I’m where’s yeah let me feel my
makeup no that’s wrong no I need to you to do the dude okay finally you can go up to someone
and can’t kill anyone awesome there we go a piece a me she is
not charging right towards him that’s would be kind of stupid dang it okay I need a Warner re cuz I he hurt
himself this guy got more doesn’t look like it
but then again this other guy wasn’t supposed to move as well and any dates
that kind of sucked okay can I get you attention no he’s so good with gauntlets
like seriously look at him and there you are par know they’re gonna shot right in
there God dang it hey there but enemies do that I’m gonna
get them first no I want hey you guys please don’t die and I hate it if I have
to race like with the NPC’s to get like a bunch of experience she’s this guy haha oh my god I want you to hit morons
they don’t like experience and all that good stuff it probably is no wetly triangle but
still it’s a habit of playing so many games with one just can’t help it huh no one can reach me okay what’s up my last one Ari why would you
go up to him look at the damage she does she can’t reach him
chairs are you kidding me she didn’t hit she can attack four times oh god she’s
gonna destroy this guy taking valuable experience away from me okay other majors 12:20 of 20 you can tank that right especially
with the count that’s now still not fully healed what are you doing
okay she can’t kill any everyone so yeah oh let’s do this get this guy’s
attention she can’t kill everyone so yeah let’s go and make haste what do you want
oh no will damage but I guess it hit something right I can’t move now right I
don’t want to make oh geez alright let’s try again nope didn’t work another one
really oh gosh alright you attack normally thank goodness you want I’m a
teacher you see me attacking I was fabulous go down to the one no he was
going after the night as well okay and you need to get some kills here
I can make that hopefully at least want to get the boss when I feel like she’s a
little bit faster than me right I can’t move
that’s right okay I might even pick up all the kids
here something so what can’t get all the kills I can’t believe
this what how eat this all right it was actually good that was
even better okay now wait where’s yeah please hit thank you no kill for you was an all
Arkansas I’ll see a level six SWAT master like my
voice just like some speed and grace hey okay I have one more physic who needs it
you I guess what do you me tree no one actually
needs that yeah just in case you’re like I don’t know blow up instantly
for some reason spontaneously oh I forgot I should have tried comma darts
that probably would have killed him all right please attack someone aha
now you’re gonna get kicked by our Oh Gert didn’t move further awesome I was
actually not bad my question is can I even defeat this
guy maybe defense or team a beasts he has only a he has an iron Lance equipped
right now so yeah it’s not too bad come wait I can move again right okay 17:17 awesome okay everybody blow apart you can
advance so she can Oh God dang it alright oh god I thought so I thought
put my messy does not tak range I don’t use such adilyn it is actually not bad
maybe now she’s going yep yeah thank you mmm I love it love you’re taking away
all my experience it’s awesome nah join my team so they are not getting wasted
she cannot reach him awesome but I can the next one you’re too strong you know that your
weight strong somebody telling someone anyone do it here we go hey you cannot reach him that is good
maybe I can actually get this kill you want to run but I doubt it now I moves much where are you moving she’s not going after him kind of looks like she’s not going after
him all right let’s just kill this guy case she decides to do something else steals for ten twice dang it okay I have
to throw a lot of stuff and then wait I can prevent them taking kill away I
think I just have to place two people yeah it’s not too right right yeah I
just have to place two people right in front here and we’re all set like here I relax but place him over here and she can
reach them right awesome I think that’s what I’m doing a question is wait six wait page Mike what does he have the skills advice
instant air defense helps damage from enemy gambit and also it’s more pagana
between certain actions there’s movement oh okay your problem is I don’t know how
much damage he will do with like javelins so yeah
guess we have to like stay like this for a while all right as long as they don’t take
away the cure which they shouldn’t we’re fine what’s up say jeez what was all of
damage she also took damage what what just happened use a gambit yeah how do I know common
artists but Knights chase okay now I really want to kill you
that’s too dangerous for me if you ask me he does that attack again all right you have to kill you seriously
his attack was brutal and can you kill people with gambits yes then we’re gonna
have some problems okay this is not gonna work I think Oh God
our people are gonna die all right first of all okay something goes wrong now you
won’t fall or javelin your face okay wait let me equip yes 13 and one quick
chance are you kidding me superteen if you decide to do one more of this stupid
gambit attack stand yeah boom alright everyone is safe hopefully no it took it
but only it’s 20 damage so yeah okay what can I do I don’t know how gambits work yet he’s
not doing any damage really my seller pearl what am i doing oh geez she’s not
gonna get double right speech ten should be fine right best even if it
does one of this taxable all right bring it
hi he isn’t oh my god it’s right he didn’t defend ah cause he’s losing are
damaged no maybe I wanted her to attack as well alright you need to die in this
time should be doable hopefully are they all can move really five okay Denis I need to defeat you in this
turn anyway so yeah bring it how I hit myself oh honey you know what
why not let the archer get the kill before that you get one more experience
I’m gonna make some experience out of this whoa you don’t do any damage but I
don’t know class experience I guess and yeah you should be able to kill him
now awesome and a fitting right I bring an end to this okay I was a little bit too close for my
taste but we made it and he’s level seven now not some lost
so you want a reward from Asher to say was secret book goddess icon
okay mas in an item to the convoy ah yeah there we go it completed MVP oh why is she always
the MVP why not ash alright I guess we’re gonna save here
and yeah a next one we continue here and see what’s going up next right thank you
all for watching please consider leaving a like a comment subscribe type or be
really nice and I see you in the next part bye bye


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