Celia Heritage and The Nosey Genealogist at Who Do You Think You Are 2016

We’re here at the Who Do You Think You Are? Live show 2016 at the NEC in Birmingham and this is Celia Heritage who is a professional
genealogist, teacher and author. Hi Celia! So what have you been talking
about this year? I’ve been talking a lot about Tithe records because, as you know TheGenealogist has just released or just finished filming all the tithe records.
Now available online and how useful these records are for your
mid-nineteenth century family history research. Great! and you’ve also written a
book recently on that subject, have you not? Well I wrote a book last year called
Researching and Locating your Ancestors which covered the whole subject, believe
it or not! We did look at tithe records as well in that because they tell you
not just about your ancestors environment, in which they lived, the town
or village which they live – which I think is very important to understand. But also
they show you who was owning occupying land. So it’s not just covering records
relating to the richer people but also the poor people. Telling you also what
your ancestors doing it with that land, whether he was renting it out whether he was grazing it, was marshland meadowland etcetera and Or perhaps he had a forge or a shop there? So they’re really useful records give you a greater insight into
your ancestors and what their lives were like. And for people looking for their tithe records
for their ancestors in the tithe records from home TheGenealogist.co.uk
is the place to go. Yes they have them all onliine, all the tithe records, and these of course cover England Wales and its 75% of England Wales are covered. Not
everywhere was tithed unfortunately. but you are getting a pretty almost
nationwide survey there. And the survey is schedules and maps?
Tithe schedules, sometimes called tithe apportionments also tithe maps, and you should use the two records in
tandem because they link together. Tithe Maps has each tithe district which is usually the same as a parish and each plot of land within that tithe district. And each plot is given a number and that number on the
schedule relates to the map so you can marry them up and get all the information there.
That’s great; and you yourself you have your own business with a website Yes I do that’s Heritagefamilyhistory.co.uk I do family history research and I write and I’ve also got an online family history course which is currently seven modules which has gone down very well and is very popular.
That is great, thanks very much Celia cheers

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