Cheryl Finds Lost Photo Of Mariner Ancestors | Who Do You Think You Are

she wants to know more about her
seafaring ancestors. she’s come to the Discovery Museum in
Newcastle to meet Carolyn ball who runs the archives hi sir I was wondering if you could help
me abate rocket rife and I brought over this family tree which is basically the
moment all I have okay and I was looking through it all but I’m really focused
and want to know more about and these three Mariners up here okay
John woods quite an unusual source name so what we found is what’s called a
Mariners ticket she got here just what they would need to go to see me so I
just take it very carefully after that for you
and if you want to have a look so it says John Wood Lane born North Shields
1826 30th of January and it looks as though he went to sea as a Mariners
apprentice how old was he he was 1845 so he was 19
oh wow super young five foot six it wasn’t particularly tall something
changed there than grown her yep fair complexion marks on person cut on
forehead well that’s his signature yeah this is what allowed him to to go
on board ship and to actually sail around the world
it was his permit if you like to work that’s crazy to think that that I’m
holding it and he used to hold it yeah he’s a nurse yeah
and it would be a really important document for him as well so it’s crucial
that he gives you the chance Cheryl’s four-times-great-grandfather
John Wood Lane started work as an apprentice Mariner in the 1840s by this
time Britain was a powerful seafaring nation and ruled an empire that
stretched from North America to India trade was its lifeblood and Mariners
like John in Britain’s expanding merchant service were crucial to
transporting goods and people across the world it was a career that offered
adventure and opportunity we did find something else about John Woodley right
so wondered whether you would have liked to have a look at that has lost you okay
I’m not going to tell you what this is perhaps you’d like to open it and have a
look that’s him that’s him Wow and is that Caroline with that let’s
go like he’s amazing he’s so handsome this is quite an unusual pose for a
photograph yeah if you look you would usually
expect Victorians to be quite formal in a photograph look won’t we look quite
relaxing and see she’s she’s touching his thigh yeah and he’s got a hand his
hand on her shoulder know it’s probably not their wedding photograph they were
married before this type of photograph was developed but there is something
special about it you just got like a real sense of almost
like they were crazy about each other yeah just look like it wasn’t yeah they
get a real sense of affection Ickes being protective and she’s being I’ve
never seen her on so informal he’s so cool so head of the same play quite a
few centuries yeah that’s all right I’d almost don’t want to give you a
thought I’m gonna have to take it back I’m afraid but because it’s such a
special thing we thought you might want to take a copy of it away with you wow
thank you so much John and Caroline were married in 18-49
in North Shields Cheryl wants to know more about their life there it’s
obviously we’ve worked out that John Wood Lane was in North Shields so the
obvious thing to look out with the 1851 census and this is the one for for North
Shields which includes currently wholly yeah
that’s Henry that’s her he lived it too Gibson bump and then Mary Jane Mary Jane
daughter one there’s somebody missing John John
she’s the head of the family but doesn’t say if she was widowed maybe users see
perhaps she was it see I hope so so everything points back to North shoes
my guess that’s where I’ve got a goal next I think so you


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