Child Adoption from Romania. Part I

Mommy, I don’t want to leave! Mommy, no! Record this! The girl only has to get out. We have nothing to do with her. Why? Madam, take Andreea out! What? Take Andreea out! Please! I don’t want to go! Take the little one! Andreea, it’s ok, they won’t take her! These are some procedures that have to be followed. The girl doesn’t want to leave! We need some help! … some experts… to talk to her a bit… I don’t want to go! Lady, you are traumatizing the girl if you continue! Please don’t interfere anymore! But at lease they should not force her like that! Look how she forces a child! Hey, woman, stop! Lady, please, stop forcing her! Shut up. No one is forcing her! How to force her since she’s just a child?! Why grab her like that?! She’s just holding her to get closer to her. What are you doing to her?! Miss, go back to your room, please! They have to talk to her.. Listen… go together with the lady… No! Dan, call me with the card! Ok. I’m calling right now. You are a beautiful and good little girl You don’t record us! Do you understand? No, sir, I’m not recording you. I don’t want to, mommy! I don’t want to, mommy! You should come and calm her a little bit! We are not harming you! Try to calm down! Mommy, I don’t want to leave! I don’t want to leave! Mommy, I don’t want to leave! No! No! I don’t know where he has it… Mommy, I don’t want to leave! I don’t know where it is. You should ask. Dan, ask some neighbors to come as witnesses! Ok. No one will enter here. Yes, they will, it’s our yard. So you allowed everyone inside? Yes we did. Mommy, I don’t want to leave! Mrs. prosecutor! Yes! Where did you get the warrant? From Craiova city.. Could you please speak to the layer for 2 minutes? Could you speak for 2 seconds…? So the little girl should be dressed. Please, lady, talk to the lawyer! Sorina, calm down. No one will take you! I don’t want to go! Where are the papers? Here! Mada! Yes! Please come here! Let’s go! Call the ambulance, please! Calm down, they won’t take her! Lady, please let her go. Can’t you see my wife is sick?! Please, let her go for 2 seconds! Call the ambulance! Calm down. They won’t take her! Be good, please!

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