Chinese beauty ninja steals enemy’s biological and chemical weapons!Guerrilla soldier 45

These posions aer still on our hands so we have capital to deal with those guerrilla forces Li Changpeng and Wu Xichun I believe that they’re gonna walk right into a trap The box is indeed on Yamamoto’s hands It seems it’s my turn to be highly rewarded by displaying my skill to the fullest The safe What the hell, open it right now I’ve seen such kind of a safe before when I stayed with men mentor I saw him to open it successfully, but I couldn’t have a try so I’m not sure whether I could make it or not Don’t talk too much Open it now, it’s almost late I’ll have a try Sir, what’s wrong Something is very wrong here the more peaceful it is, the more horrible things will occur at this moment Ji Mao, come on Wait, I haven’t done We need to go back even I go to sleep I would stay with those poisons It’s Yamamoto Ji Mao, Yamamoto is coming, come on A moment later Come on, Ji Mao Come on, Ji Mao Come on, Ji Mao It’s almost done Got it Fei Come on Hurry up Go now Asshole Who the hell Ji Mao, you have to go now, I’ll get you covered Go after them, over there Come on, this way Hurry up Fei Fei Fei Fei Ji Mao, you have to go now Fei Someone is still there, kill her Yamamoto, you’re such an asshole I’ll kill you Shoot her down We’re guys from guerrilla forces in Bashan now we’re recruiting Do you have show your interests to us to go with us to fight against Japanese guys If you really fight against Japanese guys I would go with you guys Ji Mao and Fei you’re my right-hand men and my right-hand guards As for the official ranking is the equivalent to Wang Chao and Ma Han What about that Pretty cool When men and women come of age, they must marry Are you still unmarried and who’s your beloved I’ll propose a marriage alliance if you wanna tell me who’s the guy Wang Xun Wang Xun Wang Xun Fei Thank you Wang Xun Wang Xun, you can’t go there You can’t make it if you choose to go there even you’re gonna die there But I well, don’t make me worried about you Fei Li What if we’re gonna die here are you scared Though death befalls all men alike it may be lighter than a feather or it may be heavier than Mount Tai You don’t speak in a mental manner what do you mean I said we people should meet their death in the end that depends on the way to the end If the guy choose to go to die with his beloved it should be a great honor They found those potions we need to go into the town to support Ji Mao and Fei Yu Fei Chang Peng you have to stay with me, don’t walk around All right Fire Forward Go Go after her Gosh, what should I do Surround them I’m gonna die here Guys upstairs you have to listen up hand the box over to us right now or you’re gonna die here My sister, why didn’t you come


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