Choose Genetics Technology

Interested in Genetics Technology? The Michener Institute of Education at UHN
is the largest of only two such teaching programs offered in Canada. Here’s what you need to know to make the
right decision for your education and career in Genetics Technology. First, the basics. Genetics Technology is made up of two fields
of study: Molecular Genetics and Cytogenetics. Cytogenetics analyses chromosome abnormalities,
while Molecular Genetics studies gene mutations. Genetics Technologists perform lab tests and
procedures on human specimens to help physicians diagnose, and treat serious health issues
such as cancer or genetic disorders. They work with high-tech equipment and software
to analyze, for example, DNA sequences, looking for alterations to the human genome. Genetics Technology is core to the rapidly-advancing
field of personalized medicine, making it a particularly exciting career choice. So, if you are detail-oriented, a good critical
thinker, and want to have an impact on patient care as part of an interprofessional health
care team, Genetics Technology could be a good fit for you. So, why choose Michener? Our Genetics Technology students work hands-on
with our state-of-the-art technology from the first week of class. Our small class size, with 4 dedicated faculty,
affords students an exceptional, personalized learning environment. Our program is affiliated with clinical sites
right across Canada. Faculty have close ties to these clinical
partners, which allows the latest advances in clinical genetics to be incorporated into
the Michener curriculum. This means our grads enter the workforce prepared
to meet the demands of today’s cutting edge healthcare environment. To get into this two-year program, you need
either a Bachelor of Science with a minimum GPA of 75% Or be certified as a Canadian Medical
Laboratory Technologist. You also need to have these two university
courses: Human Genetics and Molecular Genetics. Our graduates work in a variety of settings
and specializations. Most work in hospital based laboratories with
others in forensics, research, sales or private facilities. Graduates have also progressed into quality
improvement, leadership or teaching roles in the public and private sectors. So, do you see yourself in this picture? Learn more about Genetics Technology and the
whole Michener experience at

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