Civil & Mechanical Engineer Records with Tony Robinson | Ancestry

We’re at a beautiful old building called Brunel’s Engine House and we are here in order to celebrate the fact that today some curiously interesting lists are going online. They are the Civil and Mechanical Engineers lists
from the years 1820 through to 1930. The reason that Brunel seems to be one of the appropriate people to celebrate is that first of all he was our
leading engineer in the early 19th Century. In a way it is kind of frustrating,
he was so dominant that he has obscured lots of other engineers who also were very prominent at that time but engineering was something that really transformed Britain and many would say made it great, made it the dominant country in the world. 20-25 years ago, if you wanted to create your own family history it was a bit of a slog. Now, because of digitalisation it means that these
records can be put online very clearly, all the problems with them will have been rectified, you can cross reference them, you can access them in a whole variety of different ways. Suddenly, because of the computer trip and organisations like we have got a completely new kind of history. All these lists that have been written, particularly
in the last couple of hundred years can suddenly come to life, can be cross referenced
and can become part of our history.

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