CodeSignal Talent Stories: Marcus Currie + Evernote (Short Version)

I majored in electrical engineering at
the University of Maryland at College Park. After graduation, I joined the
Department of Defense as a physical design engineer. One of my favorite
pastimes in college was playing a card game Dominion. This is a game that me
and my friends played during college. Once we all graduated, people started
moving away and so my idea was that I actually wanted to build a web app of
this game. I didn’t know anything about web development. I didn’t know anything
about HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, and so after I learned those tools I was
actually able to build it in about two weeks. So I had developed this
interest in working in web development and I started applying to
different companies, but I wasn’t getting, you know, the responses that I would hope
for and it was pretty obvious why. I was a hardware guy applying for these web
development roles with no professional or industry experience. So I came across
CodeFights by a Facebook ad. The Arcade course on CodeFights is basically
distilled interview practice questions, so the idea is that and you would go
through the interview practice mode, learn a bit more about CS, and then be
able to apply those concepts to some of the interview problems that they have on
their site. After doing some of the inteview
practice problems, I took their skill test and did really
well on that. I got contacted by a few companies, one of them being Evernote.
So I moved to the Bay Area in September of 2017. I do think that Evernote has
become a home for me. A lot of my close friends are actually coworkers. They play
Dominion as well! During my interviews, most of my interviewers actually mentioned
that they went to my site and played it, and they were really impressed by the
project. So I think anything is possible, given the right amount of time and


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