Collecting a hair sample from a horse for DNA testing at the UC Davis Veterinary Genetics Laboratory

I usually start out by pulling about ten
hairs at a time, and you just grab… You want to grab at the base, wrap it around
your finger and give a quick pull. You see that you have very nice root
follicles, and we’re asking for thirty to fifty so I do this a few times. You can choose different places on the mane. Another option if you don’t want to pull
from the mane is to pull from the tail. All you need to do is grasp a small
amount at the base of the tail and pull. You get a nice root sample. In foals
this is the preferred method because the mane hair is usually too light, and it doesn’t yield a very good root follicle. The root follicle is the most important
part of the sample because that’s where the DNA is contained.

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