COLORS – What The World Looks Like to Animals – Short Biology Story

Dog: This concert is boring. It needs something to make it more lively. Crow: What do you think it needs? Dog: I’m going to try adding some color on
this control panel here. Dog: Add a little bit of blue and yellow. There, that should be good. How does it look? Crow: That hardly looks different at all! Human: Dog, you can’t see color very well. Let me fix this. Human: Humans can see more colors than you
because we have red, green, and blue color receptors. See, isn’t that better? Dog: I don’t see the difference. But the people like it. Crow: You think that’s good? Step aside! Dog: What is that? Human: What color is that? Crow: That, my friends, is ultraviolet. I can see it, but neither of you can. But I think it will add a little extra something
to the mood. Crow: And that’s how you do it. Birds know EVERYTHING about color. Mantis shrimp: Do you? All: Ah! Crow: Who are you? Mantis shrimp: I’m mantis shrimp. I have the best color vision in the world. I have 16 different color receptors and I
can see billions of unique colors. Human: What do you do with all that color
information? Mantis shrimp: Um… not much. I live in a hole mostly. But that’s not why I’m here. Crow: Why are you here? Mantis shrimp: I’m going to take this concert
to a whole new level. Watch. All: Woooah. All: Uhhh. Uh-oh. Eeeeh. [epic music playing] Mantis shrimp: That’s how you do color!

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