Commercialization Partner of the Year – NCIA/NuPride Genetics Network

(upbeat guitar music) Steve Pageler walks the fields all across Nebraska. From June until this time of year, I’m all over the place. I get to see a lot of the state that way. Pageler inspects soybeans and other crops to make sure they meet standards, from spacing between varieties to color. So the seed attaches to the pod here, and it has a color to it. There’s about six different colors, and that’s an identifying characteristic. The nonprofit Nebraska Crop Improvement Association provides inspections and other services that add value to the crop and contribute to agricultural diversity and sustainability. The producer will actually benefit from higher yields from certified seed. The NuPride Genetics Network was started by the Nebraska Crop Improvement Association to broaden the options. NuPride Genetics was formed so we can go outside and access and license other varieties like we were able to get a license with Monsanto to sell rounder, pretty seeds. We’re able to contract with other states for other wheat varieties that work well. We licensed it as a group, and then they are able to grow it, and they report back to us, and then NuPride does the reporting to Monsanto or to BSF or to whatever company we license from. NuPride Genetics and the Nebraska Crop Improvement Association joined forces with Nutech Ventures, the University of Nebraska, and Husker Genetics. Together it’s a team that brings research to the field. (upbeat guitar music)

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