Conquer the Tree to Tree Adventure Park | Athol, ID (Farragut State Park)

Thirty minutes north of Coeur d’Alene
in Farragut State Park is the Tree toTree Adventure Course located alongside Lake Pend Oreille this exciting attraction features zip lines, nets,
Tarzan swings and other fun obstacles high among the trees. Designed to
challenge both the body and the mind this thrilling obstacle course makes for a
great day trip the whole family can enjoy. So here we are at the Tree to Tree
Adventure Park and we’re headed up on these ropes courses with something
that’s totally bomber, we just practiced it, but it’s still a little unnerving to
step off on some of these features so Caleb is our fearless leader and I’m
gonna try not to be too scared. Okay are we gonna race? No. What if I just like
kind of like this. Yeah. You can never escape Chad. There’s lots of holes in this one. Also I’m swinging this cable one way you’re swinging it the other way. Well
then swing it my way. Caleb what kind of wood is this?
You don’t even know what kind of wood this is? It’s strong wood right? It better be strong. It’s just something you found in the dumpster of the
Home Depot. Hey would you quit shaking it so much I mean I feel like I’m walking really smooth I feel like you’re walking really hard and swingy.
Probably, by the way is swingy a word? I don’t think so. Swingy
is definitely a word. See ya Comin in hot, and backwards. Hot and backwards. I got it. Holy cow. Holy logs Batman. What would you name this obstacle? I would name this obstacle Lincoln Log. Really? I would call it Log Jammin. Oh I see. I feel like really clumsy on this one.
Don’t touch my log man. I’m not on your log. That’s a long way down
when you actually look. I’m getting more of a stretch than a workout by the way. The longest zip line of the
day with a view of Lake Pend Oreille. You like that. The longest zipline of the day, with the view of Lake Pend Oreille. Okay so we just finished the blue course
now we’re on to the red. It’s a little more difficult and then black which is even
more difficult and I love these little things you clip and clip out in they’re
magnetic it makes it much less scary. Should I do that again with more energy, was that lame? So we just finished the blue course now we’re on to the red course and then
the black course and these hooks right here just make me feel super secure. For your tiny thrill-seekers the park
also has a kids course for little ones ages six to nine. Kaite what’s going on? I’m freaked out.
About what? The height, I’m scared. Alright so Caleb the lead rescue guide here at tree to tree has
challenged me for this little section to run on these platforms without touching
anything. Only one foot can touch the platform at a time and I guess the key
is to not stop until I get to the other side so let’s hope this thing doesn’t
let me faceplant because I feel that’s what’s gonna happen. All right here we go. I don’t like this Caleb YAAAAA! Nailed It! So the nice thing about this thing is
there’s something for everybody. The course is divided up into green, blue, red and black. Those are all a degrees of difficulty. And as we’re finding out
right now, the black course lives up to it’s name. Holy cow I don’t like that one at all. So here we are on the last feature of the black course called a leap of faith and this is why. Reservations for the park are required for all visits so make yours at Please subscribe to our channel for weekly adventures in Idaho and beyond. Follow us on Facebook and Instagram. If
you have any travel questions for us we would love to see them in the comments
section and if you haven’t watched Epic Idaho yet, make sure you head over to Visit Idaho and check it out. Link to the series is in the description below.
Thanks for watching, and we’ll see you next time.


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