Couples Test Their Love With a DNA Compatibility Test | Do These Genes Fit?

we kind of come from different backgrounds like we’re both Jewish but he is sparta can die mosh Knaus ii so there’s no way we’re long-lost siblings but i still think we’re compatible my name is Hayley and I’m Bobby and we’ve been dating for about seven months yeah hi I’m smart I’m Gabriel living together for two years we met at the Museum of ice cream he trained me when we met we were actually living together I love how passionate Bobby is about everything so that’s definitely my favorite things he really takes on life with a smile and and really cares and he just makes me laugh a lot so yeah like your looks and also your calm demeanor J 78% 98% 67% yeah it percentages do you feel any different about me yeah I can’t do anything less than 80% [Music] so biocompatibility we got a 73% in the average couple got a 78% so we’re like 67% compatible overall but then the biocompatibility is 80% so our kids will be superhumans right basically yeah but yeah I I don’t necessarily think that’s that’s a bad thing I mean you can’t sing a lot our neuro compatibility is 86% I’ll take it okay yeah me too neuro compatibility is like just below average as a couple one of you carry the Explorer version while the other person does not this is the 100% ideal match okay okay neither of us carries the Explorer version of the Jean I don’t think that I’m not an explorer I’m actually like really surprised it would say that cuz I feel like that’s when I think of you I think of you as adventurous like that’s just who you are as a couple you both have similar moderate responses to emotional change in your relationship 100% match okay we are practical in emotions one of us may wonder why the other person is having such a strong emotional reaction to things while that person may wonder why you don’t seem to have any emotion that’s like a very broad statement about most men I never really wonder why you have such a strong emotion to things but you do have emotions that I wouldn’t show so that’s probably it one of you has a good ability to interpret the other person’s emotions or the other person may have a more difficult time Haley may be better when Bobby comes to me and tells me like these are my dreams these are my goals this is what I want to do I love I don’t know I love listening as a couple it may be more challenging for you to interpret each other’s emotions I mean that’s one of the things that drew me to you you were more of a challenge more of a yeah I don’t know I don’t know if it’s fully accurate I mean we started off not being very compatible but I think over the over time we became a lot more compatible I honestly wouldn’t really take any of this and like change our relationship because of it so our biocompatibility was a 73% which is a little low I mean I think because we’re happy people like ya know I feel like we’re happy we support each other and aren’t kids I feel like would do the same yeah I think so I feel like we would be good parents just fight yeah make it sick a couple yeah I mean no DNA’s perfect right yeah that’s true [Music]


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