alright guys this is it this is see my
results they are ready for me on there I’m going to click this green button and
find out everything I need to know about myself ok what’s up guys welcome back to
today’s video we are trying something totally new today we’re actually
vlogging from the comfort of my own apartment I just received the result of
my ancestry DNA kit of who I am and what my ethnicity is I have not opened it yet
I don’t know the result I am so excited I’ve been waiting until I had time to
sit down with you guys to open it up and find out exactly who I am so if you’re
ready for the results of my ancestry DNA kit and to find out who I am and what
ethnicity I am along with myself I’m so excited
keep on watching ok guys so I have to start with this video by saying that I
actually received my ancestry DNA kit about two months ago something really
devastating happened I actually sat down and I already pre filmed the first half
of the ancestry DNA kit for you guys we sat down together I took you through the
whole process of spitting in the cup filling of the forms I even took you
want to vlog to the mailbox to show you mail off my sample but my computer
decided to have a total meltdown and that’s one of the videos I actually lost
when the hard drive crashed I was devastated what I plan on doing was
showing you guys exactly the pre steps to the ancestry DNA kit and then
checking back in with my results at the end obviously that didn’t happen all I
have is the results but I mean I guess that’s the most exciting part so it has
been about two months since I’ve gone through the ordering process descending
in the sample waiting for the results all that stuff so I am so excited to
finally get the results now the only clues I have about my ethnicity is so
far is that my mom’s family is French mixed with Canadian and native and my
dad’s family is German or more European so I don’t know if there’s anything else
hidden in there or what else there could be I’m so excited to figure it out ok so
without further ado let’s find out my ancestry DNA results together find out
exactly who I am what my ethnicity is what I mixed up out of you know the
world is a large place anything is possible the mysteries are boundless I
am just like I’m really nervous I’m excited to do this alright let’s get my
phone and pull up the email oh my nerves my nerves are real today they are real
today alright guys this is it this is see my results they are ready
for me on there I’m going to click this green button and find out everything I
need to know about myself this is stressful I’m like literally getting hot
all right here they are drumroll please I am 67% Great Britain go figure
18% Italian or Greece and 15% other regions I’m almost 20 percent Italian
what no French at all what about all my French family everyone in my family is
French how is there no French on there I have zero shared ancestors what
currently you aren’t in any DNA circles I have no family tree I have no
relatives you guys well this is depressing I’m not who I thought I am at
all I’m 67 percent Great Britain okay white bread 20% Italian or Greece
buenos noches where’s that Spanish you guys you guys Greece Italian I’m gonna
have to go on a family sabbatical to Italy I’m gonna have to go to Greece
how do I I have no Italian or Greek ancestors or do i I mean obviously I do
they didn’t make this up and 15% other regions what the hell does that mean
other that’s 15% other I’m from Great Britain and I’m from Italy what what
what don’t know what else to say you guys I am just like I feel like I’m
sitting here in a vacuum of space feel like I feel disillusioned
I feel very I feel like I love is living in a bubble and someone just came up and
like guys I don’t even know what to say at
this point I don’t know what um this is kind of cool and exciting and do I I
don’t even know if I recommend it anymore because I don’t want you guys
your bubbles to burst I don’t want you to feel the way that I’m feeling I feel
alone and lost in the universe everything that I thought was wrong
about Who I am what the heck wow this was really
enlightening so there you go guys along with myself we found out that I am
67 percent from a Great Britain 20% Italian or Greece and then 15% other
this is so confusing oh all right well if you guys love this
video don’t forget to give it a big thumbs up if you’ve tried the ancestry
DNA kit before and had your bubble totally burst you found out who you were
who you weren’t more importantly let me know in the comments down below if
you’re Italian or Greece hello give me a shout out down there let’s connect let’s
learn all about the Italian and Greece side of my family until the next video
guys even though is keep up with me on Instagram snapchat and Twitter until
then see you later sorry guys I guess that’s it for this
video I’m I don’t even know what I am anymore
see you next time


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