CRAZY & UNEXPECTED Ancestry DNA results!

So I recently purchased an Ancestry kit, a DNA kit to find out what I am and I thought it would be cool to make a video of it since we have all this equipment now because we shoot videos so I thought it would be a cool idea to like make a video of me opening it and seeing what I am So I got this because I don’t know what I am my mom tells me I’m certain things but we don’t really know for sure what we are and I don’t really know what I am at all on my Dad’s side So everything my mom tells me I am is like pure whit people, so so my Mom thinks that I am German, French, Scotch-Irish, and.. Wait. I don’t remember. I shoulda wrote this shit down I think, wait, no. Thats right. German, French, Scotch-Irish. I think that that’s everything that my Mom thinks that I am I don’t know what else that I am I’m really excited to find out what I am, because.. I have an olive completion and like I said it’s just a bunch of white people that my Mom says that I am so why am I so tan all the time? Why am I so dark? I wanna figure that out If I had any guesses as to what I’m going to be I would guess that i’m maybe My Mom says I could be Indian? Like Native American? Or.. Hawaiian? I’m hoping that I’m something.. interesting and not just something boring I’m gunna be really disappointed if I open this and.. there’s nothing to discover, I’m just a white person that will suck ok I’m really excited! I’m gunna open it now. Ok, I don’t need that *white girl screech* I’m so nervous! OK! Here it is! I wanna view it View it? So it looks like.. I’m 32% Irish make this bigger.. 26% Europe West? 18% Scandinavian? what? What is that? Ok, early settlers of Georgia and Florida? I don’t know how to read this I’m trying to like.. figure this out so much information at once Oh, 8 more regions.. Show all regions.. OH MY GOD! I’m 1% African! That is so fucking COOL! *white girl screech* Oh my god! What else am I? I mean, I’m 97% European. So… Thats cool. Okay wait, what else.. Oh my god I’m Jewish! and I’m Italian! I’m fucking Italian! I’m everything Great Britain 4% Europe East? Oh, ok so it like breaks it down.. Uh.. I don’t even know what the f*** that is. Spain?! I’m Spanish! Oh this is so cool! Wait, I’m 6% Spanish. I think. You can’t see, well, they can see the screen, but Adrian’s recording it and he can’t see the screen so I’m kinda talking to him This is so crazy! I’m not Asian at all. Um.. African North.. Oh my god thats so cool! I’m so excited that I’m African! But not very much.. I wonder if I can break it down.. Such a small amount that it doesn’tt matter thats so cool. what? Ok, Scandinavia.. Sweden, Norway, Denmark.. 18% It doesn’t really.. I guess it can’t really, oh, see details.. what does this say? Ok so thats.. that.. Vikings? Cool! Oh this is so cool! It like shows you pictures.. of Vikings! and s***.. like. Oh this is so cool So now I can like learn about All the stuff that I am. I mean I wasn’t, I’m not really surprised that I’m.. all these white people at all. I’m surprised that I’m Scandinavian? am I even saying that right? I have no idea. Um.. I’m mainly Irish. 32% Irish 26% Just European West which is like France, Germany.. I seriously cannot believe that I am like African.. and Spanish! YAY!!!! That’s so exciting! I need to start, like, learning about all of my Heritage es? I’m just gunna cut that out, I don’t know what the fuck I just said. I’m Italian! Adrian! I’m 4% Italian. I am.. I know I should like break it down everything I am Ok let see.. Wait. I’m Middle Eastern too.. But like.. a very small percent. So like SYRIA! Iran! Saudi Arabia! Like I’m part of those people, thats.. f****** crazy! Now all my Conservative friends are gunna.. delete me *LOL* I have to cut that out (I didn’t tho ;)) 1% Middle Eastern So.. Ok, yeah let me start With everything I am So my Mom told me she thought I was Irish, Scottish– wait, my mom told me she thought I was.. Scotch-Irish, French, and German. But I am.. 1% African 32% Irish 26% French Um.. 18% Scandinavian?? Thats pretty cool.. Um 6% Spanish. This is so cool! Um.. 5% Europe East, which is Poland, Austria, Russia, Typical white people stuff Not really surprised by that. I’m 4% Great British or British, I guess? Scottish.. Ok, so, My Mom wasn’t totally off, But i’m freaking Italian, I’m 4% Italian. So Cool! And i’m 2% Jewish. And I’m 1% African! Thats the coolest one! I would have never guessed that , I can’t believe it. I’m Spanish and African So that explains my skin complexion. I’m not very much, I’m not very Spanish or African, but I am! It’s in my blood and that is so freaking cool My Mom’s gunna freak out when she hears this Unfortunately I don’t know which side of the family I am African and Spanish on, But i’m gunna probably guess.. My moms side because my Grandpa has a really dark complexion too Both, My hair’s actually not this dark My hairs like light brown, but both my parents have black hair And my Mom also has an olive complexion, so.. She;ll probably be pretty interested to find out that maybe she’s Spanish and African too! I Might buy her a test I mean this is honestly really cool.. Like a cool gift for anyone. I am like mindblower over this right now Thats crazy.. And it looks like.. My Ancestors.. Oh, wow! This is cool, it gives you.. an overview of.. the early settlers and my family and how they came here So it looks like.. My ancestors came to Georgia-Florida Area.. Uh.. Select time period.. I don;t even.. this is.. just so much information at once.. But, Yeah! That is so.. This is so cool! I mean this is worth every penny This is the coolest thing I’ve ever.. Done. I’ve always wanted to do this and it was on sale, it was like 10 dollars off, so I definitely suggest you do this and make a video of it Because this was such a cool experience. So.. Yep. I’m done. You can turn off the camera now.


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