Credit Repair Software: Never Copy and Paste Affiliate Information Again.

– [Instructor] Hello, and welcome to another quick training tutorial. In this training tutorial, I’m gonna show you a feature
that can save you a lot of time since your affiliates, whenever they are sending a new referral they always attach some notes or messages for your reference about their referral. So now when you move a referral, coming from the Affiliate or Lead screen, automatically those notes and messages would also move into the customer screen and you can find them under
the Activity Log section. So let me show you exactly how it works. So now we are inside an affiliate portal and logged in as one of the affiliates and I am about the send a new referral. So in sending a new referral,
I would include some notes or any information that may help you about this referral that I’m sending in. So let’s go ahead and
send this referral now. (quiet upbeat music) So now we are back into the dashboard and we have already received
a notification up here that we have received
a new referral coming from our affiliate. So once I click on the icon it would grow to the Manage Affiliate screen. Once inside the Manage Affiliate screen you’ll be able to view,
under the Actions section, just click onto the referrals icon, the new referral that
this affiliate sent out. So from here, under the notes section, you would be able to see
the notes or the message that this affiliate
sent you as a reference about this referral. It’s now time to move this
referral to the customer screen. And along moving the
customer’s information, or the referral’s information
to the customer screen, it would also move this message or note to the customer screen that can be found under the Activity Log section. So let me show you exactly how it works. Let’s go ahead and move this. (quiet upbeat music) Now once it has been moved
to the customer screen you’ll be able to see the
referral’s information right here and you can go under the
Actions section and click on to the Activity Log. Just go to the General and
you’ll be able to see the notes that the affiliate specifically sent you in sending in this referral. So that is how easy it
is and that is how a lot of time would be saved so
you can easily backtrack on any notes that the affiliate sent you for reference on any of their referrals, and that would, of course, complete our quick training tutorial about how you can move
messages or notes coming from your affiliates
to the customer screen along with the referrals profile.

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