Crusader Kings 3 – February Update

[MUSIC] Hello there! I’m Rodrigue Delrue, Community Developer on Crusader Kings 3 and welcome to our February Video Update in
which we discuss the development of the game. Today we are deep delving into the
Lifestyle System which adds an extra role-playing dimension to Crusader Kings
3: there are five Life Styles attached to a Character Skill each Lifestyle has
three attached Perk Trees and also three attached Focuses that grant immediate
bonuses. Have a look! [MUSIC] I think that Lifestyles offer so many opportunities for
different paths to go down that you can find both something that suits your
playstyle so you can really get into playing a specific character the way you
want to, managing your realm the way you want to, whether that is through warfare
or through construction or through intrigue and each of these Lifestyles
give you new ways of doing that [MUSIC] The Medicine Focus is good for if you
want to live a longer life, a healthier life or if you want the people around
you like your courtiers to have those benefits. The Scholarship Focus is good
for you that wants to study things. And Theology for you that want to either
interact more with the Clergy or learn more of matters of the Divine. [MUSIC] For example we
have this Perk it’s called Faithful where you will get an opinion boost with
your realm priest and if you’re of a religion that doesn’t have realm priests
you will instead get increased Piety bonus every month. Defender of the
Faith is a Perk that lets you easier convince people of your realm that you
are actually imprisoning the vassals like: “it’s God’s will”, you know, and
it lowers the Tyranny hit you get and it also can increase some
opinions of you same fate people in the realm The last perk in the tree
unlocks the trait Theologian and it basically gives you an opinion boost
with the realm priest and it gives you additional Prestige. [MUSIC] Some of the key
Perks in the Whole of Body Tree are Anatomical Studies that lets you
increase your learning of the body basically. We also have Wash Your Hands
it lowers the chances of you or the courtiers basically catching diseases. The
Know Thyself Perk we have is basically your character acting like you
know the “dog that crawls under the porch to die” so one year before your die
natural causes you get a warning about it but you can still be stabbed and
murdered in the meantime so the trait that is unlocked at the end of the skill
tree is called the Whole of Body trait so it gives you an additional boost to
health, it gives you some fertility bonus and it reduces stress gains. [MUSIC] The Scholar Tree is focused on knowledge and
learning and wisdom we have Scholarly Circles as a perk because in the
medieval ages a lot of what you knew and what you could learn was based on the
people you had around you it gives you increased learning for every Level of
Devotion you have. The Learn on the Job Perk basically gives you at 20%
additional bonus to your Counselors primary skill so if they are really good
at learning you will see that affect your character as well. We also
have other cool *perks that for example affects how the education of a ward
goes so if you have a ward it’s more likely that they will get a better
education and that they might turn into your friend when they grow up. The skill
tree unlocks the Scholar Trait, it gives you Hostile Scheme Power, it
gives you some power for your Personal Schemes, it gives you some
additional Development for Counties and it gives you some additional Learning. [MUSIC] The Stewardship Lifestyle has the
Focuses Wealth, focused on increasing your income and amassing large amounts
of gold, Domain, focused on increasing your stewardship and your ability to
manage your internal realm, and Duty which both helps with internal realm
management and also improves your relation with people at your court. The
Stewardship Lifestyle is there to help you build up your treasury, build up your
domain, construct new buildings and make sure that your guests and courtiers are
happy. [MUSIC] The Avarice Tree focuses on gold, income,
it gives you a set of new actions for how to get it from less usual sources.
Golden Obligations is an example of a Perk that unlocks an action where you
can demand payment in exchange for one of the Hooks you hold on other people.
The last Perk in the tree unlocks the Avaricious trait which gives you even
greater bonuses to income and lets you you know drown in gold Scrooge McDuck
style. [MUSIC] The Architect Tree is focused on developing your counties and building
more buildings within your realm. Several of the Perks are focused on
construction and gives bonuses to both construction costs and speed so you can
really get your work force going around the clock. The Popular Figurehead Perk
massively improves the Popular Opinion your counties have of you. The Last Perk
unlocks the Architect trait which both gives a bonus to your Stewardship and
also further improves the construction time of your buildings. [MUSIC] The Administrator Tree focuses on improving your relationship to your vassals and your
courtiers and possibly your liege – if you have one. There are Perks that do things
such as improve your Councillors’ ability to do their jobs and that increase the
bonuses you get from your Powerful vassals as long as you manage to keep
them happy. Meritocracy is a Perk that unlocks the Claim Throne Scheme of
course you should be in charge not your liege and Claim Throne is a Hostile
Secret Scheme that allows you to essentially create a claim on your
liege’s title as long as you manage to gather enough support from your fellow
vassals. The last Perk unlocks the Administrator trait which improves your
vassals’ opinions of you even further so you can truly micromanage your realm in
whatever way you see fit without stepping on too many toes. [MUSIC] The three Focuses are Foreign Affairs;
Majesty, which helps improve both your Diplomacy and your Prestige, and Family
which adds a bonus to Diplomacy and helps you keep your family in line and
also adds fertility to make sure that that family keeps growing. [MUSIC] The Family Hierarch Tree focuses on family and friends improving their opinions and the
bonuses they grant you. It helps you groom your family members and improve
the bonuses they gain from you and the bonuses you gain from them. The Befriend
Perk unlocks the Befriend Scheme which is an extra strong Diplomatic Scheme
that lets you not only seek to improve someone’s opinion of you but to actually
make them your friend. The last Perk unlocks the Family Hierarch
trait, that is Patriarch for men and Matriarch for women. It grants family and
diplomacy bonuses as well as another slight boost to fertility just to make
sure that you have enough people to grant these opinion bonuses to. [MUSIC] If you are already an accomplished diplomat the Diplomacy Lifestyle can still help
you a lot with managing your own family which can be hard at the best of times
or it can help you build up your Prestige which is required for a lot of
actions particularly external realm actions. It can also help you build even
further and create a set of really stable alliances for your character. The
Perks in this tree have a wide variety of effects looking outwards from your realm
they can help you negotiate up to one alliance without a marriage, it can help
reduce the penalties for breaking truces if you’re that sort of diplomat. The last
Perk unlocks the Diplomat trait which gives a big bonus to diplomacy as well
as to the opinion all independent rulers have toward you. [MUSIC] The August tree focuses on Prestige gain
and your fame throughout the world. The Perks offer you more opportunities to
gain Prestige and more bonuses from the Prestige levels you acquire and it has
some neat effects such as offering you more Prestige per Knight you have. Another
powerful perk is the True Ruler Perk which increases the acceptance of vassalization offers you might send to other independent leaders. The Writing History
Perk gives you a new decision to commission a Family Epic which triggers
a lengthy event chain about commissioning someone to write in your
Family Epic. If the quality of the Family Epic is high you end up with
massive amounts of Prestige and Renown. The last Perk unlocks the August trait
which offers you both a Diplomacy boost and a Marshal boost as well as a
significant bump to your monthly Prestige gain. [MUSIC] The Intrigue Focuses are Skulduggery,
Temptation and the Intimidation focuses. [MUSIC] The Seduce Scheme makes a return from
CK2. It [Seducer Tree, not Seduce Scheme], also aids your fertility and helps your seduction and level
relationships be more impactful. It also helps in less explicit ways by, for
example, expanding your pool of potential targets by removing the incestuous
penalty to Schemes. There is also a very convenient perk that makes it harder for
lovers to join Murder Schemes against you and also makes it so that lovers are
more likely to “get in the way” of murder attempts… Not every love story has a
happy ending. The final Perk in the Seducer Tree is
Seducer which grants you bonuses to your fertility, your success chances and the
attraction opinions of anyone who is unfortunate enough to have the correct
gender and sexual orientation to potentially be attracted to you. [MUSIC] Torture makes a return from CK2 as one
of those iconic medieval pastimes. It’s a great way for increasing your Dread and
your Dreadfulness, to make your vassals fear you. It has the added bonus of
having a chance of giving up the target Secrets as they attempt to bribe you
into letting them go. The downside unfortunately also include the Church
disliking you in the form of a Piety loss and Clergy Opinion losses unless of
course you’ve done a little wiggling within your religion so this kind of
activity is encouraged rather than frowned upon. If you’re not a
particularly sadistic type this kind of cruelty can really take a mental toll so
we’ve made sure to add in some Perks that gives you bonuses from having high
Stress. The last Perk in the Torture Tree is Torturer in addition to granting even further Dread bonuses, it also grants Prowess and
Levy bonuses. [MUSIC] The Schemer Tree grants various bonuses to your Intrigue Schemes, it also helps you and your Spymaster keep other people from murdering you or
discovering your secrets. It also unlocks a couple of new Schemes one is the Fabricate Hook Scheme, it also unlocks the Abduct Scheme. The Schemer Tree also unlocks an extra Hostile Scheme Slot. [MUSIC] In the Martial Lifestyle we have the
Focuses: Authority, Strategy and Chivalry. If you’re a player who hasn’t really
played say a warmongering character before the Martial Lifestyle Trees offer
you a lot of opportunities to see “okay here are more things I can do, here
are some perks that unlock new actions that let me go down this path I’m not
used to”. The Strategy focus is for you who wants to focus on war. It gives you a boost to Marshal. Authority is good for you who
wants that absolute control over your realm Chivalry is for the players who want
to focus more on their romance side of things and also gives you extra Prowess
so it’s harder for you to die on the battlefield but it’s also easier for you to attract people that you might find interesting. [MUSIC] The Strategist Tree focuses on Marshal
and warfare in general. For example we have Engineered for Destruction that gives
you some additional bonuses to naval and siege weapons. We also have the Sapper
Perk that gives you an additional boost to your siege process based on some of
your Men-at-Arms. Then we also have the Organized March that increases the speed
of your troops. It is very useful if you want to hunt down those last pesky remains of your enemy’s army. The trait that is unlocked at the end of the tree is called the Strategist trait It basically gives you some
bonuses in martial and diplomacy but it also makes so that you can freely cross
water and it makes you more efficient at hunting down your enemy troops so it
increases the losses for your enemies. [MUSIC] The second tree is called Overseer and it
basically focuses on you overseeing your Domain. Some of the key Perks in
the Overseer tree are for example Hard Rule, it decreases the chance that
Liberty Factions revolt against you and it also makes it easier to siege down
revolts. We also have some *perks that makes it cheaper to hire Men-at-Arms and
to build armies. The trait that is unlocked at the end of the skill tree is called
the Overseer trait and it gives you some Marshal bonus, some Stewardship bonus and it also increases Country Control gain. [MUSIC] The third tree is called
the Gallant Tree and it focuses on Prowess and relations within your own
court. Some of the key Perks in the tree are for example Peacemaker that will
make it easier to negotiate peace with your enemies. We also have Promising
Prospects that makes it easier to marry off both yourself and your family
members. The trait that is unlocked is Gallant
and it gives you increased Prestige gains, it gives you some Marshal boost and it also gives you some attraction points. [MUSIC] The Perk trees are fully moddable and
very flexible you can do a lot of different stuff with them: setup perk
trees in different ways, make one big perk tree if you want to have multiple
entry points and multiple endpoints and you can make a perk do almost whatever
you want in the game. We are gonna make it possible to turn traits into immortality based traits so we can basically use a toggle to turn it like
on and off if you want it to grant immortality. It will not be visible
anywhere in the base game but it will be a possible to access it. Naturally our written Dev Diaries have much more to give you in terms of information about
the Lifestyle System, make sure to check the links below in order to deep delve
into them even more and I’ll catch you next month! [MUSIC]

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