Dad’s Entire Body Is Covered In Tumours

COMM: Shadot Hossain has an incredibly rare medical condition causing tumours to grow
all over his body. The condition started when he was just 13. Local
doctors initially tried to get him treatment for the disorder, but nothing helped, and as he grew older, the symptoms got progressively worse. COMM: Shadot used to work as a day labourer, but he is no longer able to due to the pain
caused from the tumours. COMM: He currently lives with his wife and son in northern Bangladesh. The family are desperate to seek new treatment,
but can’t afford the medical costs. And because of where they live, the local doctors are unable to provide proper treatment for him due to the lack of resources. COMM: Doctors believe that Shadot could be suffering from a genetic disorder called Neurofibromatosis, a condition which would have lain dormant from birth. COMM: But help may be on the horizon for Shadot as a local social worker recently found out
about him and stepped in to try and find support. COMM: Mohammad posted about his suffering online and has since received offer of help
from a surgeon in Dhaka. Money is currently being raised to pay for the costs and in a
few weeks time, Shadot would travel to Dhaka, where he will receive a full diagnosis and
potential treatment for his condition.


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