Dark secret comes to light through DNA test that unites sisters after 30 years

all right so imagine this what must feel like to grow up your entire life knowing that you do have a sibling out in the world but you’ve never met them it’s something that happens a lot especially with children who are adopted in many cases it’s almost impossible to find their biological family and they keep searching and two sisters from Florida recently found each other after one of them was given away back in 1955 News 6 at 9 s Karolina Cardona got the opportunity to meet up with them and joins us now and Karolina it took more than 30 years of searching how did they finally pull this off that’s right it was a lifetime of searching and it was thanks to a DNA test that Pam Davis and Beverley young were able to confirm they are half sisters one of them actually almost didn’t take the test a few days ago the meeting they had been waiting for for decades finally happened and they couldn’t be happier it was the embrace that Pam Davis had waited for her entire life it was shocking exciting overwhelming reality a meeting or I’m seeing my sister for the first time is two years there’s hardly any words to explain that it was something I’ve been waiting for forever and I was finally there to see her so it was overwhelming her older sister Beverly just couldn’t believe it was happening after spending more than 30 years searching for her back in 1955 Pam had been given away by her biological mother Florence Powell the sisters believe Pam was the product of an affair and that’s why Florence waited out the pregnancy at a sister’s home in Illinois once Pam was born she flew back to Florida where she gave her up for adoption to Andrew and Beulah cannon in Palatka Beverly found out about her little sister through a cousin it was considered a deep dark family secret but she shared that with me and ever since then I’ve been looking for her my mother knew my biological mother so she had information that normal adoptions do not have so I knew that I had a sister she first searched the old-fashioned way and they the last name was Powell’s so I just I would just go through phone books after fembots looking for Powell Powell Powell and it was just year after year just nothing then ancestry.com was created and they both the joint I didn’t know that I would find her because of the adoption but when DNA testing became available I thought if I’m gonna find her this is I took the DNA test and just waited hoped and prayed that she too would take it her prayers were answered all the after a cousin of pants insisted she take the DNA test I did not want to take the DNA test I had my mother passed away in March and I just had a lot on my plate it was like Kelly I really do not want to do it it’s like I’ll do it if you’ll just will you shut up and leave me alone and she said yeah Paulina the persistence worked on June 19th she got the news I opened it and there was never like reaching out to me we just reconnected immediately pants says that back in the 70s when there were shows that produce stories about finding loved ones she wrote them Angeles letters but she got rejected so that’s also one of the reasons she was hesitant to take that DNA test because she didn’t want to feel heartbroken again Beverly the older sister lives in Michigan they are planning now a big family reunion in November where Pam will also meet one of her half-brothers who she’s never met before I love that story Carolyn and thank you so much and these DNA tests are changing lives for people who have been searching so I mean it’s if you are looking for someone take that test yeah we did the afternoon anchors did one about a year ago and Lisa bell is adopted and through that she found her half-brother in just in June she went out to California and they hung out and they had a great time so it really changed her life as well yeah and sometimes you know about social media and people finding each other but to find something like a DNA and they’re just connecting you no matter what state it’s just it’s just amazing makes you really want to you know try it out and see who else you can find out there some other family members exactly give it a try yeah

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