David Dobrik, Octavia Spencer And Kelly Moved To Tears By Adoption Story

– My next guest, has waited
15 years for this moment. – (David) Wow. – In 2005, 15 years that’s a
long time to wait, just saying Anthony, in 2005, Anthony
met his future wife, Tiffany along with her three
year old daughter, Brianna. He says he fell in love
twice. He married Tiffany and has raised Brianna, um,
as his daughter ever since. Now, in 2020, he wants to
make that love official by finally adopting
Brianna. Here to tell this amazing story of love and
patience are Anthony and Tiffany. Thank you so much for being here. So, tell us how you
met. How did you first? How did y’all first meet? – I joined the fire
department shortly after 9/11. Uh, then shortly after
that, I met Tiffany. We stood in a wedding together and uh, you know. The moment I met
her, I, I knew how beautiful and she was and smart, and
funny, and then later on that evening, at the
rehearsal dinner, is when I run into Brianna. This
little three year old girl, who, you know. She literally
ran into me and kinda looked up at me and said,
hey you’re in my way. (Tiffany and audience laugh) Then I kinda called out
to the rest of the party like hey who’s kid is
this I just knocked over? I should of clicked, uh,
that’s when I knew she was Tiffany’s daughter. I mean,
they’re, uh, two peas in a pod. I mean, they’re just like
each other. Beautiful, sassy, and smart, and um. – (Kelly) That was awsome
– It was actually really, really sweet.
He genuinely adored her. – That’s so. I actually
heard, you actually, was it your first date you
actually took Brianna with y’all? – Yes. So, uh
– (Kelly) That’s special. – I’m a huge Astros fan and, um – You got a brother? (everyone laughs) – (Anthony) I do.
– Sorry – (Kelly) Asking for a friend. – So uh, Brianna made it so easy, she just uh, had a blast and was in
awe, and we went back and forth cheering. And that was
just a lot of fun and uh. – (Kelly) That’s so cool.
– It was. – I could tell then, that
I knew that he was someone that I wanted. Not only in
my life, but in her life. – Yeah, and also your
first date with a woman, trying to make your move, that’s so nice that you bring the little kid along. – Oh yeah, yeah, yeah.
– That says a lot about your heart, and
that probably told her right off the bat, you were like, all right marriage material.
– Absolutely. – Um, so when did?
Tiffany, when did you know that he was truly, like her daddy? – So, um when he proposed
to me, he took me back to the spot that we first met.
Which was at the church. We stood in a wedding together.
Um, he proposed to me. Right after he proposed to
me, we went to go get Brianna from school. I get so emotional.
We went to go get Brianna from school.
– Yeah. – Um, we showed her the ring,
said um, he proposed to me and her words, which I
will never forget, were – I’m already about to cry. Okay. – Now I have a daddy.
– (Octavia) Aw, okay. – Are you serious?
– Yes. Thank you. – Everything’s fine, no
one’s crying. This is just so beautiful.
– Can you pass one down? – And that’s what I mean.
Exactly. I’m just saying like, I’m like
– Wait. – It’s so sweet.
– I need I need – Here we go. Here we go.
– I’ve got two. – My lash is about to come
off. I’m like oh my God. Like now I have a daddy. That’s so nice. – Now Brianna has two younger siblings, that she adores. They
adore her. She is now a Senior, in high school.
– (Kelly) Wow. – Um, she. Anthony has
been there for all of her dance practices, her field routines. He did Bob and Sue with her
four years on the field. – Wow
– Um, he taught her how to drive.
He’s just been a phenominal – What a good dude.
– father. – So, you officially. You
officially wanted to adopt Brianna now. So why now? – Well, he’s wanted to
for through out the years – (Kelly) Yeah.
– He’s wanted to adopt her. We decided to wait until she turned 18. Her biological father is,
has not been in her life, um, but he still has rights to her. So, for a variety of reasons we decided not to go down that road,
– (Kelly) Yeah. And just wait until she turned 18. – Yeah, less complicated. – Yes
– Yeah – Okay, so today is her birthday, right? – Yes – So today, she’s officially 18 – Yes. Wow. – So today you can officially ask her. – I can, yes and uh – Well, it’s no coincidence
you’re here, my man. No coincidence. – (Anthony) I’ve wanted that
– We wanted that beautiful stuff on TV.
– Oh, I know. And I’ve wanted that for
a while, and you know just to, you know, she deserves
to have our family name. And
– (Kelly) Yeah. – To hear her graduate with, with our name it just, she means so much to me. – And us
– (Kelly) That’s so cool. – (Anthony) So.
– Ah, so you Octavia, you lost your dad when you were pretty young, right? – I, I lost my dad when I
was 13 and I lost my mom when I had just turned 18.
– (Kelly) What! – Yeah
– I did not know the last part – Yeah, so this is like
– that’s a lot of loss – It’s a lot of loss
and you, your siblings become your parents.
– (Kelly) Yeah. – But, they also are your
biggest cheerleaders, and so this is so beautiful. I mean, ugh – (Kelly) Yeah.
– Thank you – Oh my gosh, I’m so excited. Anthony and Tiffany’s
daughter, Brianna, is backstage with her two younger siblings, right now. She thinks she’s here to talk about living in a blended family. Um,
she has no idea Anthony wants to officially adopt her,
um, today. So, lets welcome them out here. Come on out
Brianna, Aiden, and Audrey. Hi Hello. Hi. I’m Kelly. Nice to meet y’all.
– Hi – What’s up, man? Nice to
meet you. Come sit down. (Audrey giggles) Yes. Oh my God, the tiny,
miniature boots. I can’t. Okay. So, okay. So,
we’ve been talking about blended families. We have
one as well. I’m from one, and we have one now. And I
was gonna ask you, Brianna, like, he’s been raising you
since you were three, right? – Yes, ma’am.
– Yes. So, how’s Anthony held up
as a dad? Is he pretty good? – Yes. He’s amazing. I
love him. Um, he’s a hero in real life, and he’s my hero. – Okay. Stop. Everything is fine. Aiden and Audrey, do you
think he’s a pretty good dad? – I agree.
– Pretty good mom and dad? – Yeah, I agree with my
sister. My dad is a firefighter and he saves lives for a living. – Yes. He is a real hero. That’s amazing
– Is that accurate? – Are you all right with
him? Is he all right? – Yes. – Um, I hear though it’s
your 18th birthday today. – Yes, I am
– So, happy birthday – Thank you.
– (Kelly) That’s a big thing. – Thank you – That’s, our. We have
a daughter that’s 18. And its like, freedom.
– Yes. – It’s a great birthday.
So, your dad has something special actually he wants to
share with you on your birthday – Okay. So, I love you with
all my heart. I’ve loved you since you were three.
I’ve watched you grow up into this beautiful young
lady. I know you’re going off to college next year. You’re
gonna be doing great things and today, being your 18th
birthday, in front of God and everybody, baby I’d love nothing more than to make it official,
and to adopt you. – (Kelly) Oh my God. You are done, sir. Everything’s fine. Oh my gosh. I mean, what does that mean to you? ’cause coming from a girl that
didn’t grow up with a daddy, that’s a beautiful thing
that just happened to you. – Yes, I couldn’t be more
blessed um, for God to put him into my life. Uh, I’m
just so grateful for him. – Oh my gosh. So Octavia,
do you want to say anything? ‘caus you
– I do. I just. I gotta say, the
fact that you know that, oh God I’m gonna start
crying. The fact that you knew that he was your dad
and he has been your dad this whole entire time, ugh. Sorry – Oh my gosh, you’re me. We
are literally the same human. I can’t talk when I cry
either. But, it’s beautiful, the fact that you recognize
that. Like I said, not every body gets that
opportunity, and it’s a blessing. Well, congratulations y’all.
– Thank you. – Thank you.
– It’s such a beautiful story. A beautiful family.
– Thank you, so much.

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