DAVID PLATT // God Planned Your Adoption

– God says to all who
are adopted in Christ, “I have chosen you before
the foundation of the world.” Now I’ll just go ahead and say that we’re diving in to the
theological deep end here and we don’t have a lot of
time to swim around today. So this might bring up
all kinds of questions in your mind about this or that, but I just want to encourage you today to believe and receive
this reality at face value. For all who are in Christ
God says in his word, “I chose you in Christ before
the foundation of the world.” Not just before you were born, before the world was created
God planned your adoption. Which makes sense when
you think about adoption. Adoption begins with
a parent’s initiative, not a child’s idea. I think about Heather and
I when we first sat down years ago, basically put a
map of the world on the table and prayed, “God where
might you be leading “us to adopt from?” And he led us to the
country of Kazakhstan. We barely knew Kazakhstan
existed before that day, but after months of praying
we start the process of adopting a child from
there, and here’s the deal, we started that process
before our first son, Caleb, from Kazakhstan was even born. And when he was born and being
cared for in a baby house in Kazakhstan, that’s
what they call orphanages, he had a mom and a dad
who unbeknownst to him were working to adopt him. And one day when we met him
and held him in our arms he had no idea all that had been done before he was even born, completely apart from any initiative in him
to bring him into a family. Even now this little
guy in China has no idea that there are two parents and four kids who cannot wait to pour out
our love on him as a family. And this is the picture
the Bible’s giving us here and I just wanted to
encourage you with it. All of you who are in
Christ, like feel this, especially if you’re struggling
in any way right now. I don’t know obviously what’s
going on in everybody’s life, but if you’re facing challenges
right now in your life, your family, your work, if you’re in one of those seasons where some days you just don’t
know if you can go on, some days quite honestly you want to quit, amidst your hurting, amidst your pain, amidst loneliness, amidst
suffering, whatever it is, just stop and realize this. Before the sun was ever formed, before mountains were
ever laid up on the earth, before the oceans were
ever poured upon the land, before any of that ever happened God almighty on high set
his sights on your soul. And you have nothing to
fear about the future because God called your
name before time even began. Just blows you away to try to
think about that doesn’t it? You were adopted by God before a star was ever set in the sky. You are immeasurably
valuable in the eyes of God.

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