¿De dónde vengo? Árbol genealógico // Where do I come from? Family tree

My dear YouTube friends and everyone who
follow me on social networks today starting like this this new year to
beginning of January 2020 what First I want to wish you is that
truth with all my heart it can be a year very prosperous very blessed for you and
your whole family both on the plane family and business staff
entrepreneurship or some kind of professional project you may have
thinking about what topic to extract beginning of this year and being the first
topic that I want to share with you I was reviewing some things in
particular and I found and many people around the
world have expressed concern about know your genealogy know about your
origins know about your last names know about that ascending part that
could bring and that could somehow represent something
positive for their lives or something that could indicate in which they
could work on that, to remove if that was an obstacle or if by
otherwise they would consider it to be something positive work on it and so
climb to the next level and this me it drew attention powerfully because
this kind of real people like that they invest large sums of money put
that today there are already companies specialized on this subject in what
has to do through the study of DNA, however there are other exponents
of the subject that differ and that have so a counterpart because when
different companies have done this type of studies have manifested with
totally different results between the one with respect to the other and this has therefore
led to have some controversy and obviously then some points of view
totally different about this issue and then thinking about this and
reading then my biblical portion that each tomorrow I try to do I started reading the
book of genesis and I considered that it was very important for both believers and
for non-believers for people who they practice any other type of
religion the power to share is this first chapter of the genre book
which is nothing other than the origins of the bible according to the bible according to the
word of God for those of us who practice the Christian part but what if you don’t
you are and if you have another point of view no matter what I want right now
bring for you and I want to share with you is that you can give yourself the opportunity to
listen and that’s why only what I’ve fact is to read chapter 1 of the book
of genesis to be like a abreboca and that you can hear what
really in this book in this chapter and in this part of the bible he mentions and
that if you later wanted to read other chapters or read all this
that has to do with the origins and the principle of creation and of life what
you can do what I don’t want is that take this as something religious or as
or dogmatic simply based as you I said at the beginning in this concern that
most people have in their quest to know its origins and that
not bad but that the bible points out in this part and with this specific book
something very interesting that without having to pay a single peso a single dollar a single
yen anywhere in the world where you are going you will find a lot
very valuable information that will be of very useful for you I hope that
really this contribution that at the beginning of year I want to make you into your life can be
really useful if so give us a like
and if you have not subscribed to our channel we would appreciate your support
subscribing to him and at the same time if do you have any comments
observation and that would like to make me the arrive the only thing I ask is that
with much respect for the entire audience that you can do it so let’s start In the beginning God created the heavens and
the earth and the earth was messy and empty and darkness was over the
face of the abyss and the spirit of god moved over the face of the waters and said
God be the light and it was the light and God saw that the light was good and
God stopped the light of darkness and God called the light day and
darkness called night and it was evening and the morning one day
then God said there is expansion in between from the waters and separate the waters from the
waters and God made the expansion and separated the
waters that were under expansion of the waters that were above the
expansion and it was like that and I call God to the heavens expansion and it was
the afternoon and the morning the second day God also said join the waters that
they are under the heavens in one place and discover the dry and it was like that
and I call God the dry earth and the meeting of the waters I call seas and saw
God that was good then God said produce the earth
green grass grass that seed tree of fruit that bears fruit according to its gender
that his seed be in him on the earth and it was like that
So the earth produced green grass grass that gives seed according to its
nature and fruit tree whose seed is in him according to his gender and saw
God it was good and it was the afternoon and the tomorrow the third day
God said then there are lights in the expansion of the heavens to separate the
night day and serve as signals for the seasons for days and years and be
by luminaries in the expansion of heavens to shine on the earth and
It was like this and God made the two great lights the
main louver to take over the day and the minor port so that
rule at night, also made stars
and God put them in the expansion of heavens to shine on the earth and
to rule over day and night and to separate the light from the darkness and
God saw that it was good and it was the afternoon and the fourth day morning God said
produce living beings waters and birds flying over the earth in the
open expansion of the heavens and I think God the great sea monsters already
every living being that moves that waters produced according to their gender and all
winged bird according to its species and saw God that was good and God blessed them
saying bear fruit and multiply and fill the waters in the seas and
multiply the birds on earth and it was the afternoon and the morning the fifth day
then God said produce the earth beings living according to their gender
beasts and snakes and animals of the land according to its species and it was like that and did
God animals of the earth according to their gender and livestock according to their gender and all
animal that crawls on the ground according to their kind and God saw that it was
well then God said let’s do the man in our image according to
our likeness and rule in the fish of the sea in the birds of the heavens in the
beasts in all the earth and in everything animal that crawls on the ground and
God created man in his image in image from God he created them male and female he created them
and God blessed them and told them bear fruit and multiply, fill the
land and subdue it and rule in sea ​​fish in the birds of the sky
and in all the beasts that move on the earth and said God behold I have
given every plant that gives seed that is over all the earth and every tree that
there is fruit and that there is seed or they will be for eat every beast on earth now
all the birds of the heavens and everything that creeps on the earth in which
there is life every green plant will be for eat and it was like that and God saw all that
had done and here that was good at great way and it was the afternoon and the morning the day
sixth. *** END OF CHAPTER ***

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