Dekoratif Yapay Hayat Ağacı yapımı & DIY Decorative Artificial Tree of Life & Family tree

Hi everyone. Hi. Today we will do a different study I’m going to use thick wire and a little thin wire. We can do it that way, friends. Yupiyyy. So let’s start. I will start by cutting our wires in lengths of 1 – 1.5 meters. Are you cutting? Yeah. Look, the camera sees us. Oh, no, I can’t. Don’t worry, Neslihan. But I’m not successful, Dad. Nobody laugh. Because Neslihan does not cry. Neslihan paste this. You can do it, paste it. We made a tree of life with light. I decorated the tree with framed photos. In the next video I will share how I make these picture frames. Soon you can watch that video. Goodbye


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