Dena Talks DNA: Very Basic Genetics

Hello and welcome to another episode of Dena talks DNA Today we’re going to be going over very basic genetics Now when I say very basic, I mean very basic, of course, it’s a lot more complex than this But this is the bare-bones minimum that you need to know to understand what you’re doing when you’re doing genetic testing What is genetics and what are they actually looking at when you do a test? So we’re gonna start out with cells Our body is made up of things called cells We have trillions of them and in every single cell we have things called chromosomes Which are actually packages of information if we were to look really closely at a chromosome we would notice that it’s just very tightly wound up DNA a A segment of DNA is called a gene and that’s where the word “genetics” comes from. So genes are made up of an alphabet of four letters we call “nucleotides” Now an easy way to remember this is that every cell has its own library of information, of recipe books and every chromosome is a recipe book and every gene on those chromosomes are like the recipes inside of a book Whereas the nucleotides are like the letters on the pages of the recipes If you were to ask several people to give you recipes for a cake Each one would be slightly different but in the end, all the recipes would still make a cake It’s the same thing with our genes. There’s no perfect version of any gene There are lots of different versions that end up making the normal protein as the end product. So typically a gene codes for a normal protein but when there’s a mutation or a change in that gene, it may cause an abnormal protein or no protein to be made so it’s these mutations that we look for when we’re doing genetic testing. So, how was that? Did you learn a lot? Do you want to learn more? did I peek your interest? Subscribe!


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