Descendants of John Frederick Christian Alleman [CC]

Hi, my name is Mikaela Fleisher and this is
the presentation on the descendants of John Frederick Christian Alleman that I initially
did for the Lower Swatara Township Historic Preservation Society. John Frederick Christian Alleman was born
in the area of Alsace-Lorraine on the French and German border in 1734. He arrived in Philadelphia on September 19,
1753 with two other brothers: John Christian and Hiram. Only males over the age of 16 were allowed
to sign the ship register. You can see their signatures at the red arrows. Hiram is the first, John Christian is the
second, and John Frederick Christian was the third. John Frederick Christian and John Christian
and their descendants are well documented, but Hiram disappeared after signing his name. If anyone knows where he went, let me know! John Frederick Christian died September 5,
1783. He was my 6th great grandfather. Revolutionary War Service
John Frederick Christian served as a private under Captain John Huling in the 2nd PA battalion. You can find his name on the American Revolution
Memorial in Middletown, Pennsylvania. Anyone who descends from him can apply to
be a Son or Daughter of the American Revolution. John Frederick Christian walked 90 miles to
Philadelphia to receive a charter to build St. Peter’s Kierch in Middletown. Construction started in 1767. The first service was held September 12, 1769. The church still stands today and is on the
National Register of Historic Places. John Frederick Christian’s wife was named
Rachel. They had five children: George Nicholas, Catherine,
Regina Margaret, Henry, and Leonard. Henry Alleman was my 5th great grandfather. He was born March 15, 1759. In 1789, he married Juliana Long who was born
in 1768 to Henry and Margaret Long. Henry also served in the Revolutionary War
as a private under Captains Collier, Cochran, & McQueen, and Colonels Elder and Lowery. Henry helped build the old Lutheran church
in Middletown, Pennsylvania. He was a farmer and a distiller. Julianna died on Jan 22, 1814. Henry died February 28, 1829. Henry and Julianna are buried on what was
once the farm of Joseph Roop. It is now on Longview Dr near Oberlin Road
in Dauphin County, Pennsylvania. A new monument was dedicated in 1930, with
Dr. Herbert C. Alleman of Gettysburg College delivering the dedication address. Their son Leonard is also buried with them. You can see the original stones on the back
of the new monument. Henry and Juliana had ten children: Christian,
Michael, Elizabeth, Jacob, Leonard, Henry, David, John, Rachel, and Samuel. Some of the children moved to Ohio. Their son Jacob served as a private in the
Civil War in Company C under Captain Henderson in the Pennsylvania 127th Infantry regiment. This is a four generation family photo I found
on Ancestry. Henry and Julianna’s son Henry married Catherine
Holler and had Peter Holler Alleman, who is the oldest man in the photo. He is then followed by his son William Henry,
followed by his son John Kelso, followed by his son Raymond. Michael Alleman was my 4th great grandfather. He was born January 28, 1794 near Highspire,
Pennsylvania. He married Catherine Rudy on May 19, 1823. I can’t find any documentation on her yet. Michael was a deacon in the Lutheran church,
a school teacher, farmer, and distiller. A newspaper article from March 1868 mentions
him as one of the oldest men in Lower Swatara. H died two months after the article was published
on May 24, 1868 and is buried in the Middletown Cemetery in Dauphin County. Michael and Catherine had six children: Michael
Rudy, Marie, Henry, Elizabeth, Susanna, and Joseph who was also a farmer in Lower Swatara. In his will, Michael Alleman provided money
and land to his family. Michael Rudy, Henry, and Joseph each received
the parts of his farm. Joseph was to provide a home for his mother
and Michael’s wife, Catherine, to live as long as she did not remarry. Henry was to provide firewood and fruit to
Catherine Marie, Elizabeth, and Susanna each received
an equal sum of money. Henry Alleman was my 3rd great grandfather. Henry was born February 28, 1832. He married Salome Seltzer on May 19, 1863. She was born in 1842 in Middletown to Samuel
Seltzer and Christiana Ehresman. Henry was a teacher for five years, a township
auditor, trustee of the Emaus Orphan’s Home, and served in Lutheran church offices. He was also a farmer and distiller. On September 17, 1912, he was knocked from
his buggy by a horse and suffered injuries that ultimately resulted in his death on September
20. He and Salome are buried in the Middletown
Cemetery Children of Henry and Salome are: Samuel Seltzer,
Sarah, Edward Joseph, Robert George, who was never married but served on the school board
for 10 years, Martin Luther, who was also a farmer in Lower Swatara, Henry Michael,
and David Augustus. But wait there’s more! Their children were also: Abner Titus, Mary,
Catherine, Daniel James, Ira Faber, who was also a farmer in Lower Swatara, Salome, and
Helen. Fourteen children and look how happy she still
was! This is a photo taken at Old Reliance Farm
in Middletown, Pennsylvania. Henry and Salome are in the middle. In the top row, from left to right: Mary,
Henry, Sarah, Robert, Helen Hassler, and Edward Joseph. In the middle row, from left to right it is
Daniel, Henry, Salome, Samuel Seltzer. In the bottom row, from left to right, it
is Abner Titus, Catherine, Martin Luther, Salome, and Ira Faber. This is a map of Lower Swatara Township from
1875. The Alleman property is at the top left. Edward Joseph Alleman was my 2nd great grandfather. He was born November 15, 1869. On November 23, 1892, he married Sarah Mumma
who was born in 1875 to Jacob Mumma and Caroline Brightbill. He was a farmer and distiller. Sarah died on December 18, 1949 and Edward
died August 10, 1959. The Barn That Burnt Down Three Times
On July 17, 1915, thieves set fire to Edward’s barn and two houses and the barn were destroyed. The news article goes on to state that at
2:30 in the morning, Edward’s son Roger was awakened by the smell of smoke. “Without stopping to don any clothes,”
he rushed through the house and helped the family get safely out of the house. Everything was lost. On August 4, 1933, the barn was destroyed
again, but this time by lightning. The paper reported that firemen from Bressler,
Enhaut, Oberlin, Highspire, and Middletown tried to put out the fire. Finally, sometime around the 1960’s, the
barn was struck by lightning again. This time it was not rebuilt. Like his predecessors, Edward Joseph was a
successful farmer and distiller. Unfortunately, he was about to encounter a
problem that his ancestors never faced. What do you do during prohibition when your
family has been successful distillers since they came to the country? Become a moonshiner! Edward and his family were caught multiple
times and charged with possessing and manufacturing illegal liquor during prohibition. That did not seem to stop him though. This line from a newspaper article is my favorite:
“Two five gallon jugs of alleged whiskey were thrown from a window of the farmhouse
and destroyed while the agents were in the cellar.” I’m not saying it was my great grandmother,
but it might have been my great grandmother. Edward Joseph and Sarah had the following
children: Roger, who was a Corporal in the 316th Infantry, Company B during World War
I, Nelson, Bessie, and Thelma. Thelma Alleman was my great grandmother. She was born September 15, 1904
She married Walter Lawyer on June [14], 1922. Walter was born June 15, 1901 to John William
Lawyer and Barbara Kaile. They lived on Edward Joseph’s farm. Walter died in 1968 and Thelma died August
1, 1993. Thelma and Walter had Dorothy and Thelma Louise. I decided to stop here because that’s where
the Alleman name ends in my family. These photos are all from the Alleman Cemetery
on the property of Strites’ Orchard in Lower Swatara Township. I’ll share more about them in the next slide
There are over 20 Allemans and their spouses, including Edward Joseph and Sarah, buried
in the Highspire Cemetery. Barabara Eschenauer and John Alleman, son
of John Christian, and who served as a private in the Revolutionary War are buried in Ebenezer
Cemetery on Ebenezer Road in Lower Swatara. Here you can see the inscriptions from the
Alleman Cemetery at Strites’ Orchard a bit better
Christian Alleman was the grandson of John Frederick Christian. He was married to Anna Rupp, listed second. Samuel Alleman was Christian and Anna’s
son. Elizabeth was his wife. David Alleman was another son of Christian
and Anna. Rachael Anglemoyer may have been the significant
other to David. They were not married, but in the 1870 census,
she is listed as his housekeeper, and in the 1880 census taken after she died, he is listed
as a widower. The parents of Emma Elizabeth Stephenson were
John Stephenson and [Sarah] Alleman. They are buried in the Chambers Hill Cemetery
in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. I haven’t found the identity of G. and L.
Rupp yet, but they were probably related to Anna. Special thanks to the Reverend Henry Snyder
Alleman who compiled the Alleman genealogy book. The other photo is of some Alleman siblings. Abner Titus is on the left. The top gravestone for Nicholas Alleman, son
of John Frederick Christian. He is buried in the Gaynor Ln cemetery in
Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. The bottom gravestones are located in the
Alleman cemetery at Strites’ Orchard. Conrad Alleman was the son of John Christian. He built Old Reliance in 1788. When Seneca Indians went on a warpath across
Pennsylvania, neighboring farmers took shelter in the home. You can learn more about the Alleman House
on the website of the Lower Swatara Township Historic Preservation Society. Roger Alleman was the grandson of EJ and Sarah,
son of Nelson and Margaret. He was my 1st cousin 2 times removed. On November 26, 1943, Roger was serving off
the coast of Africa on the HMT Rohna during World War II when the ship was bombed. One of 1,015 soldiers killed, he was awarded
the Purple Heart. There is a memorial at the North Africa American
Cemetery and Memorial Marie Alleman was the granddaughter of Michael
Alleman and Catherine Rudy. Her parents was Michael Rudy Alleman and Lilly
Moyer. She was my 1st cousin 4 times removed. She was an English teacher and lived in Steelton,
Pennsylvania. I included her because I think she looks like
me. If you have any questions or comments, please
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