Devika +2 Biology | Malayalam Short Film | Akhil Anilkumar | Renjit Shekar | Sree Renjini

“Protect villages, farmers
and the nature.” There’s no logic in this. There’s logic in this. There’s no logic in this. There’s logic in this. There’s no logic in this. There’s logic in this. “Life’s plastic,
it’s fantastic!” This one! From Bangalore till Coorg,
this same song! By the time we reached Coorg, My ears had gone plastic! Then?
– Then came the fun! The moment we started,
male teachers and the boys, Even some girls got drunk
and danced like hell! By the time we reached,
– Didn’t you booze? I wanted to… But I don’t like its smell. And if my dad gets to know,
I’m done for! Do you booze? Rarely! Smoking?
– No! Where was I?
– Leave that all aside. Do you have any desires? Oh no! To booze? No, not that! I mean… You mean, unbloomed desires? That’s right! Anything of that sort?
– Well… Not really! My dad fulfills
almost all my wishes. Apart from that…
– Hey… Isn’t this our first night? Wouldn’t you
have something to ask? Such as go on a trip to somewhere,
get you something… Well… I got married to you
as per my wish, right? You came home and told my dad,
that you don’t have a family, and that you’ve got a nice job,
so you’d like to marry me. So my family liked you,
I too liked you, Well, I liked you a lot! So, to go on a trip… No,
I don’t have any such desires. No, something that’s
unfulfilled! Anything when you were
in school, or college… Anything… It could be a simple thing. Some debts, or revenges,
or anything of that sort. Anything… Yes, I’ve got one! Tell me! I’ll get it done! No need to get it done.
I’ll narrate it in a flow. Yes, go ahead! I had told this to dad once.
He made fun of me! Let it be! You tell me now! Ok! Listen to me! When I was in high school,
we had a Biology teacher. His name, Somarajan. He didn’t like me at all! “Devika, didn’t you study?
Didn’t you submit the project?” Whatever I do,
he used to find my faults! One day, we had to do
the anatomy of a cockroach. Something like
dissecting the cockroach. Isn’t that called anatomy?
Whatever it be! I was hesitant to kill the cockroach. Somarajan saw this. “Why are you silent, Devika ma’am?” I said, “My dear sir, I don’t know
how to kill this one” He got furious. He threw it on me, and shouted
“Cook it well and eat it, then!” I was so embarrassed. I got angry. I was furious! From the next day,
I carried around 2 cockroaches, For throwing on him! Then? Did you do it? As if! I tried a lot,
but couldn’t! I eventually got a nickname!
– What? ‘Cockroach Devika’.
– What? ‘Cockroach Devika’! Where did Somarajan sir go, then? Don’t know! Ok! Anyway, we’ll find a way! I was not serious! We’ll see!
– See? I told you because I asked.
It’s nothing serious. Isn’t that your desire?
We’ll get it done! It’s not as you think!
It could create problems! Problem?
I’ll make your wish come true! You’ll throw cockroaches on him! “DEVIKA, HIGH SCHOOL BIOLOGY” Dear mom, I can’t go
visiting relatives anymore! They’ve been serving me ‘Chicken Biryani’
wherever I go, even in this heat! Wherever we go, ‘Chicken Biryani’!
What’s this? A feast? Did you and dad face it back then? Rice cakes and chicken curry?
Oh, royal food back then! I’m just back after another visit! I’m too tired.
Let me rest for a while. Where does that sir live?
– Who? That Biology teacher of yours. Oh dear, I just said that for fun. You took it seriously?
– Tell me where he lives! We’ll see! This will lead to troubles!
– Troubles? Where’s that troublesome house, then? I don’t know!
– What? I don’t know! Call your friends and ask them! Please!
– Ask! Please, no!
– Do it! Isn’t that your desire?
I’ll fulfill it! You find the address! Hello!
– Hello, newlywed! Hey, where does that Somarajan live? Which Somarajan?
– Hey, our ‘Cutter’ Soman! Why do you need his address? Huh? It is something urgent.
Tell me! Ask Manimekhala! Send me her number.
– I’ll send it now. I don’t see any,
when I need one! Come here, my boy! Yes! Got the address? Yes. Got it? Four of them! Hey, this is gonna get us in trouble.
Real trouble! Anyway you’re not coming.
Let me go and throw it, then! Yeah, I’m not coming. Last and final! Are you coming, or not? Ok! Hey! If you throw it or I throw it,
isn’t that the same? Aren’t we one? Huh? In front of your
‘Cutter’ Somarajan’s house. Hey, Rajesh! Good evening, sir! Aren’t you Rajesh?
– Yes! Come on in! Is this Soman that Soman? Come on in, man!
– Coming, sir! Sit down. I heard you got married last week. Yes sir, it was on last Sunday. I tried reaching out to you,
but didn’t have any contacts. We haven’t met
since you got transferred, right? Yeah, I moved to another school! I’m happy that my bright student
has come here to meet me! I’m happy too, seeing you! I forgot to ask.
Why didn’t you bring your wife? Sir… Actually I am here,
for the sake of my wife! Sir, please get inside. Good evening, sir!
– Good evening… I didn’t expect this from you, Devika! Sir, I just… Rajesh told me everything.
I felt so happy. Sir! Actually I am here,
for the sake of my wife! My wife knows you.
She used to be your student. Her name is Devika. She has got your scolding quite often! She says you are the reason
for her achievements. She wanted to meet and thank you,
whom she considers as God! She’s the one who searched
and got me your address! Can you please come
to my home, sir? I thought kids like Devika
would be vengeful on me! But I was wrong! Sir, please come inside! Devika, tea!
– Huh? Tea! Get it! Sir, please come! You too get in!
– Yes, sir! Please sit, sir! You’ve been holding this since long! She’s allergic to the dust here, so… So, she… Sir, just a moment. I’ll give it
to her and be right back. Hey, hey! Throw! This is the chance!
Do it! Throw it with confidence!
– No, it can’t be! Who are you scared of?
This is our house! Do it! Can’t, can’t, can’t! Hey, I got him here
with great effort! Throw it once! Please! Damn! Shouldn’t have come here! Hey! Dear! I took a lot of effort! Please! Can’t do it! At least put it in this tea! Yuck! No! Devika! Dear! Where’s Rajesh? Rajesh…
– Yes! Hold this! You still don’t drink tea?
– No, sir! Throw it! What?
– Throw it! Rajesh, shall I leave? Rajesh! Rajesh, shall I start leaving? But, we didn’t throw it yet, sir!
– What? Oh no! Can’t you stay
a bit longer, sir? Kids will be coming.
I’m giving them tuition. Ok?
– Ok, sir! Hey, I’ll go myself.
I got some other work as well. But sir, you…
– What but? Anyway, the tea was superb.
– Thank you, sir! I’m very happy
to have met you both. Ok, bye Rajesh! Bye, sir! Devika, you got
such a chance and yet… You! Damn! But when? I was dumbstruck! But how? That’s girls! Damn! Hey, this is interesting! What? Throwing cockroaches? No, not that!
– Then? This… Fulfilment of unbloomed desires!
That one! Well… I had another desire as well! One.. Two… Three… Four… Yes!


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