Discover your family history using MyHeritage

Who are the generations of people who
made you what you are? Finding answers can be like looking for
a needle in a haystack That’s where MyHeritage can help MyHeritage is a family history network that uses rocket science technology to make it easy and exciting to learn
about your ancestors, wherever you come from We have billions of historical records,
millions of family trees and a huge user community from all
around the world and technologies that magically connect
between them Just create your family tree enter the names and birth dates of
yourself, your parents and grandparents and watch it grow with relevant records,
newspaper articles and new family tree connections that
we’ll find for you We’ll even deliver these directly to your
inbox Dive into our huge international records
database Just search a name, date and place to
discover your global roots We’ll even suggest clues and new research
leads for you while you’re searching Preserve everything you find with charts
photo albums, maps, books and more and share it with
your family We’re the trusted home to millions of family histories each one unique and special It’s time to discover yours

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