Discovery of Genetics- Casa & Asa Discoveries and Inventions for Kids | Educational Videos by Mocomi

Discovery of Genetics Asa : Hey! What are you doing? Casa : Stop! That’s an experiment! Asa : The peas are an experiment? Really? What are you trying to figure out? Casa : I am trying to see which batch of peas
are identical and which batch of peas are different. It’s called Genetics and the differences are
caused by genes. Asa : So, now do you know? Casa : No! A 19th Century Czech Augustinian abbot called
Gregor Johann Mendel, made it all look so easy. Asa : Haha! Maybe we can ask Mendel to explain it himself. Casa : Yes! Let’s find out. Oh! Now I understand. Mendel first took two different pea plants,
one was purple and one was white. When he cross bred the two pea plants with
different coloured flowers, he discovered that the first generation of offsprings show
only the dominant gene. Asa : That’s tough Casa. Casa : I know. But after looking at Mendel’s notes, I think
it’s easier now. Let me show you. Asa : Ok! Casa : When he used the first generation offspring
to create the next generation, he discovered that the recessive white flower gene surfaces
in a ratio of 3 : 1. Through his experiments with the various traits
of the pea plant, Mendel could explain how genetic traits are carried from parents to
successful offsprings. Sometimes, the traits are dominant and sometimes
recessive. Asa : Oh! I understand. That explains why some people look like their
parents and some like their grandparents. Casa : Yes, Mendel is known as the father
of modern genetics. It is because of his research that today we
understand chromosomes, DNA, molecular genetics and even evolution. Asa : Yes, now I understand some of my ancestors
better! Even Uncle Rex!

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